April 19, 2008

Not that he’s a good actor, but he is lovable in the film fertinity. Also, heroines pity him that much, that they WANT to wrok with him. So it’s not that he had credibility in his work. People just pity him, i mean WE love SHAHID, and we do want to see him happy, desperately.

But, are Shahid Kapoor, and Vidya Balan an item? It would seem so going by earlier rumours and the more recent sighting of the couple enjoying a quiet little dinner at a suburban restaurant.The two were accompanied by a friend who looked lost in her world, while Vidya and Shahid chatted and laughed in gay abandon.

Vidya and he grew fond of each other then, though she denied an involvement, and the two maintained that they were just good friends. Later Shahid was linked to tennis star Sania Mirza. Apparently, he visits her whenever she’s in town or whenever he goes to Hyderabad.

Professionally, several top Bollywood actresses are wanting to work with him, starting with katrina kaif, in the face of reported strong opposition from Salman Khan. Jiah Khan, too, was supposedly doing everything possible to adjust her dates for Ghajini to act opposite Shahid in Star. Fortune, it seems, is returning his smile for smile.


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