May 20, 2008

She came to Mumbai from Delhi to try her luck in Bollywood as an actress. But after doing more than 56 item numbers in Bhojpuri films and some hot numbers in Bollywood, Sambhavna Seth could only attain the title of sex symbol and item girl. Not content with bagging an award for her item number in a Bhojpuri film recently, she continues with her quest for meaty roles in Bollywood. On her recent visit to the city, she tells NT how she plans to make her dreams come true.

On Rakhi Sawant:
Upset over the fact that Rakhi Sawant recently snatched the dance number that she was supposed to do in Shakir Sheikh’s film Mudrank, Sambhavna says, “Two days before the song, ‘Money money touch me honey’ was to be shot, I was told that Rakhi was doing that number and I was asked to do another song in the film. That girl is selfish and insecure.” Calling Rakhi a phoney, Sambhavna continues, “She gathers publicity through cheap talks. Her going public about her silicon implants was yuck.”

On her desires:
“I wish to work with crème de la crème directors of the industry and would like to be recognised as an accomplished actress. It is all a matter of time and luck I guess,” says she and adds, “there is nothing wrong in being an item girl, but people like Rakhi have made this genre very cheap.”
1) Who are you? Sambhavna Sen? Are you a farmer?
2) Secondly bitch, whether you like it or not, Rakhi Sawant have made a name for herself in Bollywood for both good and bad reason. She has, unlike you done REAL item songs andhas worked with the creme de la creme of Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Rakesh ROshan, Farah Khan etc. BEFORE YOU.
3) Thirdly, Rakhi Sawant has made the Item Girl Numbers look cheap? Have you taken a look at yourself? Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta are doing item songs, are they cheap then?
Girl, get a life. Rakhi Sawant however insecure is IN Bollywood. Go on praying that somebody might notice you. Maybe they will since your boobs are as big as 2 heads of a grown up man.
(Image: Google, Santa Banta)
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