May 24, 2008

Remember the song that Aamir Khan co wrote that supposedly is reffering to Salman Khan no matter how much he tried to deny it? Here is a preview of the song. Enjoy. The beats are wierd but it kinda grow on you after a while. A while means 8137625927817623567 repeat of the song.

Imran Khan can’t dance and here is the lyric sample for you guys.

Hai muscular…

Very muscular

Hai popular…

Very popular

Hai muscular hai popular

Spectacular! he’s a bachelor

Pappu ki gaadi tez hai

Pappu kudiyon mein craze hai

Pappu ki aankhen light-blue

Pappu dikhta angrez hai

‘Rado ki ghadi haathon mein

Perfume Gucci wala…

But Pappu can’t dance, saala!

But Pappu can’t dance, saala!

Haan Pappu naach nahin sakta!

(Video: Youtube)

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