May 27, 2008

Strange behaviour on the sets of Kumar Mangat’s Money Hai To Honey Hai.

Sources on the sets says, “Govinda was feeling low on a particular day while shooting for the film in Mauritius. That’s when he called his astrologer in Mumbai to know more about his state of mine. The astrologer suggested that since there was Rahu kaal on him that particular day, he will have to shoot some sequence with a hen and the Rahu kaal will vanish for good from his life.

“Knowing how superstitious Govinda can be, he somehow came up with a suggestion to use a hen in the sequence. The production house had to arrange for a hen because of which the shooting was stalled for a couple of hours. However the poor hen was tired soon as the astrologer had asked Govinda to shoot for an entire day with the hen.

The source adds, “The poor hen was so exhausted that it died on the sets. However, the astrologer insisted that Govinda shoot till 7 pm with the hen. So, the actor decided to shoot with the dead hen till 7 pm and even has a shot with him carrying the dead hen in his hands. Govinda stop shooting only at 7 pm. However, everyone on the sets was wondering where they will fit this sequence as it is not even a part of the script!”

Freaky shit.

(Image: Filmicafe)

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