First her fight with Abhi got splashed all over the media and now she’s down with a very very serious case of German measles.

Reports Mid-Day that the actress has been ‘under the weather’ since her return from IIFA in Bangkok. What started off as fever and body ache has now progressed to German measles. Aishwarya has been put in isolation as the disease is highly contagious.

Amitabh bachchan confirm the news saying, “Yes it’s been a while. But she’s almost out of it.”
Says a source close to the family, “Ash’s condition has improved now and she’s on her way to recovery. This is the first time she’s been affected by measles.”
Really, the first time ?? We thought all along she has this HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS VIRUS , it’s just IN HER.

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Ok she is freaky. Like I hate needy people. There is such a thing as independence. This clearly shows how desperate she is to actually have a man by her side. She is man crazy. I don’t even think she loves John Mayer. She just needs a man to call her boyfriend, that is how freaky she is. Ok freaky is really a nice way of describing someone stupid like Jennifer Aniston. CRAZY SKANK more like it. Why the fuck would you want to take pictures of your “boyfriend” performing on stage? Bitch you see John Mayer every single day of your fucking boring needy life. Haven’t you heard of the internet? You can get his hve ass face shots over there. God, I pitied all the men that were in one way or another linked up to you Jennifer Aniston. I really hate you. You should trip on your pussy and die one day. Really.

Lots of love,

Tinsel Gurus

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Amy Winehouse is about to be immortalized in wax. The five-time Grammy Award winner will be honored with a statue at the World-Famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London.

The wax figure, which’ll be unveiled later this year, will feature Winehouse’s signature beehive hairdo and assortment of decorative pin-up girl tattoos.

“We are really pleased to be creating Amy; she is a real icon in modern British music, a continual award winner, and an internationally recognized star widely requested by our guests,” says Madame Tussauds General Manager Edward Fuller.

Who the fuck requests for Amy Winehouse? Wait, a real icon in modern British music? Is the General Manager of Madamme Tussauds sharing crack with Amy Winehouse???

Anyways, it would be almost impossible to create a was figure of Amy Winehouse because they have to figure out how to make the was figure scream “Blaaaaaaaaaaaaake” every 2 minutes.

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Nicole Scherzinger celebrated her 30th birthday at LAX.
I want to say something nice but words fail me. I bet you she doesn’t even touch the cake.
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June 30, 2008

(Images, Pink Villa, The Bosh, DListed, Just Jared)
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What is the similarities between these three “Performers” who have performed at Glastonbury?

All three are losers.

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Recently, when we went to watch Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic at Shaw Jade last Friday, we saw Ameesha Patel’s name apperead withour her surname, PATEL. It was on the credits on the starting of the movie, which said “SPECIAL APPERANCE: AMEESHA”.
What has happened? Daily tabloid Mumbai Mirror decided to investigate the situation and here’s what they found out when they spoke to her mother, brother and director Kunal Kohli.

Kunal Kohli (Director TPTM): Ameesha told us that she wanted her name to appear that way and we did it as she wanted. She didn’t want her surname. I didn’t ask her why. I thought there must be a numerological reason for it.
Asha Patel (Ameesha’s mother): Well, if you have seen that she has dropped her family name in the titles why are you asking me? Please leave me alone.

Ashmit Patel (Ameesha’s brother): Why should I react to it? I don’t have any take on this. If it’s numerology I hope it works for her.
Ameesha who walked out on her parents after financial disagreements is currently living in a new flat in Juhu and is happily dating her boyfriend, London-based businessman Kanav Puri.

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With all other specultaions of ex boyfriend, Yuvraj SIngh dating Deepika Pundokone, Preity ZInta and now Riya Sen, Kim Sharma thought sh might let the world know she is currently dating A HUMAN BEING.
Who she thinks is so much sexier and sportier that Yuvraj Singh. Well, so so..we can’t be bothered with Z LISTERS.
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Pamela Anderson, had this to say about Jessica Simpson during a radio interview in Australia:
“I think she is a bitch and whore. “

Pamela Anderson said this as it were in response to Jessica wearing a “Real Girls Eat Meat” t-shirt. Pamela went on to say, “Actually, I don’t know if she was talking about food or men.”

This is the T-Shirt that Jessica wore:

Obviously Pamela Anderson has some delusional mind that she is not really exercising out. But yeah, we kinda garee with Pamela. Jess is a whore and a bitch. So is Pam. Urgh, my delusional minds is tired.

Moving on…

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