June 23, 2008

Bollywood’s celebrated item girl Rakhi Sawant loves publicity of all kinds – positive or negative. And she doesn’t mind even if it comes from her rival Kashmera Shah.

‘Whether she loves me or hates me, she has made me famous by playing my role,’ Rakhi told IANS on telephone from Mumbai.

Kashmera apparently played an item girl named Rakhi who aspires to become an actress in a big budget musical called ‘City of Dreams’ held in Mumbai last week.

But the ‘Jungle’ girl maintained that her role had no resemblance to Rakhi. Rakhi, however, asserts that it was undoubtedly a character inspired by her life.

‘Kashmera definitely played Rakhi Sawant’s role in that play. It was entirely based on me,’ said Rakhi, who has just won a reality dance contest, ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa’.

‘But even if it wasn’t Kashmera, somebody else would have surely played the role,’ Rakhi added.
Asked if she would ever play a role based on Kashmera’s life, she remarked: ‘No, never! I would never play any such role.’

She added: ‘Kashmera is such a girl that you befriend her and then she would backstab you. She never talks anything positive. I associate only negativity with her.’

Rakhi’s remarks are a continuation of the war of words between the two Bollywood item girls.

Kashmera had recently said of Rakhi: ‘I love to hate her and I hate to love her.’

Ok see this tis the problem, dirty sluts shouldn’t fight with each other. I wanna see Aishwarya Rai and Mallika Sherawat get into a catfight. That would be utter pleasure. Mallike will os beat the living guts out of that fake bitch.

You don’t mess with Mallika. She will rip you out of your senses. That goes to you too Rakhi.

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