June 27, 2008

She is the wittiest and she have even call Bipasha Basu “black cat”, that makes her “white pussy-cat”. Whatever that means. But we have told you that Kareena was supposedly to play opposite Harman Baweja in Love story 2050, which she took it down because of other commitments. Or in this case, she do not want to dampen her careere to start of with Harman whose a debutanat. It’s always risky. But of course, MISS 2nd HAND PRIYANKA always scoop the 2nd hand roles.

Never the less, Harman made it clear that there are no tiff or sitff between he and kareena. So he says. But we do not belive him. Coz Kareena Kapoor hates BOTH HARMAN AND PRIYANKA. Kareena said don’t take koffe with karan personally, but bebo it’s on TV, not like on camera or in writing that you can edit and delete.

Here’s the viddy:

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