June 28, 2008

Michael told OK! Magazine that Lindsay Lohan has a secret sister.

Michael confessed to having sex with some other woman when he was separated from Dina Lohan. The woman contacted Michael years alter to tell him that she has bored his child. Drama!!!

Michael Lohan released the following statement to TV’s Extra, after news broke today, Friday, that he most likely fathered a child while married to Lindsay’s drama momma, Dina:

“I met Christie (mother of bastard child) in 1982 in Houston. In 1995, when I was separated from Dina, she contacted me that she was moving to Long Island. She was going through a divorce at the time. I was with her for a week. Years later, while I was in prison, she contacted to me to say she had a paternity test done that revealed the child’s father was not her husband. She said I was the only other man she had been with. My lawyers are dealing with this. When we find out the truth we will deal with it in the appropriate manner.”

Have fun guys. Go Lohans go!!!!

(Image: Google)

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