July 2, 2008

I love food. I eat a lot. And I am not embarrassed about it. I know it is kind of impossible to believe that I love eating and indulge in all my favourite foods whenever I get the chance, but that’s the honest truth. I don’t like to eat in public, because people invariably start looking at me. At home, with family and close friends, where I can be myself I let go. The only time I ever worked out and had to diet was for the film Dhoom 2.

I had to be 54 kgs and so for a month I was on a strict diet. That was the most painful period for me. And to add to my misery, I had to work out. I have a good metabolic rate and so I really don’t need to work out. But to keep fit and healthy, I am in the gym for a few days in a week. In all my films I look round and well fed. Dhoom 2 saw me at my toned best. So when I see the film, apart from my figure, only the memories of eating the prescribed diet springs to my mind. When the family was shooting for Sarkar Raj I used to carry home cooked food. There used to be a lot of south Indian dishes as both Pa and Abhi Iike it. As for me, I love all cuisines. And any time is a good chow time. (As told to Chuman Das)


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