July 2, 2008

Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively says that she doesn’t understand why some people would compare her to Paris Hilton.

“Since I have a dog and blond hair, that must mean we’re alike. It’s a dumb thing to say. I don’t think that makes us similar,” she says in Seventeen magazine.

“I don’t know her, but I don’t like being compared to anyone by somebody who doesn’t know me. I’m my own person. I don’t go to clubs, I don’t party, I don’t dance on tables and I don’t like sex tapes,” she adds.

C’mon babe, not everybody who is blonde, has a dog, dances on tables, goes clubbing and has a sex tape is Paris Hilton. There are millions out there. So shut the fuck up. Wait, you’re blonde, that is why you say nasty stupid things like that. Don go hating on Paris Hilton.

You know what, it’s true. You are not Paris Hilton, you don’t have shit loads of money and you obviously don’t have a boyfriend who wants to tattoo your face on his body.

Pen Badgely would never do that. He is too busy trying to be in a threesome with Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford.

(Image: Socialite Life)
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