July 2, 2008

If everybody starts listening to our ancestors then such mistakes wont repet.

This is what our forefathers have to say,“drink in limit.”

Vidya Balan gets drunk and insults fellow guests. It has been reported in the Indian media that popular Bollywood actress Vidya Balan made a mockery of herself at a party in London last week. The actress is rumored to have got drunk and then insulted fellow party goers.

One has to keep in mind that Vidya is not usually like this and, because of the excessive drinking, could have lost her senses. Come on

As we said, this story is possibly not true but if it was, then this has definitely made our day. Seeing Vidya Balan drunk would probably be like watching a monkey trying to dance Dola re Dola. No wait. Aishwarya did that already.

(Image: Pink Villa)

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