April 23, 2008

The sex siren of bollywood, Mallika Sherawat has always managed to keep herself in the limelight. Mallika was in the news for her raunchy jig that she performed at a 5 star hotel two years ago on New Year’s Eve.

A shake here and a shake there for just 30 to 45 minutes, and the Murder actress walked away with a king’s booty.Dressed in revealing clothes for a song in Himesh Reshammiya’s debut film as Aap Ka Suroor, she became the most expensive item girl, as she charged Rs. 1.5 crore for her item number in the movie.
Aap Ka Suroor did well at the box office. She was also seen belly dancing in Guru . Strangely but truly, the actress has managed this dance form which was special to yesteryear Dancing Queen Helen.The main attraction of the movie Aap Ka Suroor was the cult song ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ that had Mallika doing a cabaret act like Helen in Ramesh Sippy’s movie Sholay .
A lot of efforts had gone in creating the costumes to make Mallika and the song look glamorous and attractive.For Guru, Mallika Sherawat shot the item number in Turkey with Abhisehk bachchan.
She was seen gyrating sensuously to the composition of A.R. Rahman, titled Mayya Mayya. And Mallika’s moves were devoured by one and all. The actress had practiced hard for these steps and the hard work paid. With no movie in sight, this was one way Mallika remained in sight for her fans.
So is Mallika the queen of belly dancing.. lets leave it to her audience .. but for now, certainly TINSEL GURUS THINKS SO.
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The new airport in Hyderabad at Shamshabad will have a song of its own, like most corporate companies do these days.

So, GMR has roped in the likes of AR Rahman and Prasoon Joshi to do the honours. While Prasoon has penned the lyrics, Rahman’s tunes will welcome the guests from March 16 onwards.
It’s well known that Rahman started his career by composing music for jingles. His unique tune for the advertisements like Leo Cofee and Airtel has been very popular among the music lovers.

He also has done theme music for many leading TV Channels.

The master always gives his best, no matter whether it is a movie or a jingle.

Oooooooh we need him to do the music for our very own Changi Airport. So that his music will drown the nonsense trying-too-hard-to-be-grand music and drown down the chatter of those SPGs who speak with fake accents.

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