They say if you can’t beat the you JOIN THEM. So Aamir Khan had made it clear that SALMAN KHAN IS THE SUPERSTAR during salman khan’s show in DAS KA DUM. And he has clearly apologize to Amitabh BAchchan. So out of PUBLICITY SAKE, the enemies came out to mingle and play with the cameras.

Salman khan and his HIDEOUS WIG , actually salman is HIDEOUS.

Amitabh Bachchan went solo to support Aamir Khan. It would be WORLD WAR 3 if he actually flew to London to watch Love Story 2050 then, but oh well…

Can’t you see the cameras behind them, See what we meant by PLAYING FOR THE CAMERAS. They’re actors, tehy know how to OWN THE CAMERA.

At the end of the day Aamir Khan wins, because he got their attention, he write nasty things about them, and all this shitzo about sabotaging someone’s careere is not his stlye- bullshit. He is born with that STYLE

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Imran khan loos exceptionally sharp and suave on his debut premier. We wish him all the luck, love and sucess for his first movie.

Uncle Aamir Khan does not want tobe left out, after denying he sabotage harman’s career, he walked down the red carpet wearing the same OUTFIT AS HARMAN BAWEJA’s…hmmm mere coincidence??


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We told you, Aamir khan will be in Rakhi sawant’s Chat Show .

Bollywood hotty Rakhi Sawant has gone from being a show stopper to a show host. The item girl is going to host her own show which is rumoured to give you more than your daily dose of Bollywood gossip and interviews.

If one can recalled, the ‘Koffee With Karan’ episode which featured Rakhi as the guest was one of the most watched episodes ever. With Rakhi now in the host’s seat, the audience will definitely be looking forward to see what Rakhi has up her sleeve and how she handles the show ; In other words we just have to wait and watch who is going to do the takking this time -the host or the guests?

For starters, Rakhi will host the first episode of her show with none other than Aamir Khan as the guest. Considering that Aamir is known for keeping a low profile and keeping away from the limelight in terms of attending awards shows and and also television shows, Rakhi is lucky she could rope in the Bollywood perfectionist –Aamir Khan. She is finally getting the chance to work with the cream of Bollywood. We will just have to wait and watch for Rakhi’s show’s first episode to see what happens when you put together two of Bollywood’s controversial celebrities. But from the looks of things at a recent press meet Rakhi and Aamir definitely do set and interesting tone for a talk show.


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Aamir khan’s and his accusations.

1. Have the good looking people in his camp
2.Sabotage love story 2050.Harry vs Aamir
3.Harman going to Das ka dum, but HE WENT FIRST

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After wooing the Hindustaan Ki Janta and winning a reality show ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa’, Rakhi has successfully managed to impress Aamir Khan too! Aamir has answered Rakhi’s prayers and will be seen as a guest on her talk show soon.

Come this weekend, Rakhi Sawant will be seen hosting a reality show on Zoom and had expressed her desire to invite Aamir as her first guest. Hellbent on getting Aamir on the show she went ahead and even wrote a letter to Aamir which read what made him so important to her? Touched by Rakhi’s gesture Aamir told her he will try to find some time out of his busy schedule and hopefully will try to make it to the show.

Designer Ashley Rebello who has designed Rakhi’s outfits for the show confirmed the news by saying, “Yes, Aamir has agreed to be on the show along with Vidya and Rakhi is extremely happy. She in fact reached Grand Hyatt at 6.30am yesterday all geared up to shoot her first episode! Vidya and Aamir were expected to join Rakhi in the evening.” On seeing Aamir, Rakhi’s first words were (in hindi), “ I really wanted you on the show because I believe you have the Midas touch. Whatever you do, whatever film you make, becomes super successful. So I wanted you as my first guest as I wanted my show to be a hit”.


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Aamir Khan is hosting a grand premiere of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na to launch his nephew Imran Khan. Touted to be one of the biggest events, Aamir has invited over 700 people from the film industry.

According IndiaTimes, Aamir has extended an invitation to his one-time archrival Ram Gopal Varma. IndiaTimes says, “Aamir is calling up people and inviting them personally.

He called up even Ram Gopal Varma, with whom he had major issues during the making of Rangeela, and invited him for the premiere. Ramu has also reciprocated Aamir’s gesture and accepted the invitation.”

Glossing over creative differences between Ramu and Aamir during the making of Rangeela our source adds, “Following the release and success of the film, both of them had lashed out against each other in print.

Ramu had accused Aamir of ‘interfering’ in the film and that had apparently not gone too well with the actor.”

Wow, either Aamir Khan is really trying to make this film work or he realizes that he needs more friends.

(Image: Google)

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(Image: Bharat Student, Pink Villa)

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Imran khan, in the second part of this exclusive interview with Faridoon Shahryar, Content Head, Bollywood Hungama (Broadband) opens up about uncle Mansoor Khan, the fan following he seems to have developed over the past few days, how he felt when told A R Rahman is composing the music of the film and yes he admits he is better looking than uncle Aamir Khan.

Well you are darling. Most definitely.

(Image/Video: Bollywood Hungama)

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Here he is, giving all praises to Salman khan , who PAPPU CAN’T DANCE ?? Get them out of the picture, because IMRAN KHAN is looking exceptionally sharp and suave.

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She has not even made her bollywood debut but Asin is already the leading lady for Bollywood’s top stars. Asin will be making her debut opposite Aamir in ‘Ghajini’ the movie is slated for an October release, but even before proving her potential in bollywood Asin has been signed by some top movie makers.

Salman Khan has been on a hunt for a leading lady opposite him in ‘London Dreams’ first it was Priyanka who was later swapped for Katrina and then Deepika but the search is finally over as Asin has been signed on for the project. Director Vipul Shah confirms ‘Asin has acted with some of the biggest names in South so that would make her comfortable opposite Salman and Ajay. Also I wanted someone who could speak Hindi in South accent”.

Apart from ‘London Dreams’ Asin has also signed a movie opposite Akshay Kumar ‘Aise Ko Taisa’ the movie will be directed by Priyadarshan. Asin was also recently seen in ‘Dasvaratham’ and the actress was appreciated for her act in the movie. She has already proved her potential in South and now with a movie opposite Salman and Akshay Asin is for sure living her ‘Bollywood Dreams’.

ERRMMMM, her vogue cover – she looks like a wicked witch, and she looks so OLD, compared to her picture above


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