Just how similar is Priyanka looking like Aish at Cannes this year?
Similar Hairstyle – Check
Similar Dress – Check
Similar Makeup – Check
One thing though, well make that 3.

She is not married to Abhishek Bachchan.

She does not have an incestuous relationship with Harry Baweja.

She is not as ugly of a person as Aishwarya.

But still, Aish wins in the beauty department.

Priyanka? Thank goodness for everything that AISHWARYA is not.

(Image: Pink Villa, Google)

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We are counting down the dates- 14 more days


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I love food. I eat a lot. And I am not embarrassed about it. I know it is kind of impossible to believe that I love eating and indulge in all my favourite foods whenever I get the chance, but that’s the honest truth. I don’t like to eat in public, because people invariably start looking at me. At home, with family and close friends, where I can be myself I let go. The only time I ever worked out and had to diet was for the film Dhoom 2.

I had to be 54 kgs and so for a month I was on a strict diet. That was the most painful period for me. And to add to my misery, I had to work out. I have a good metabolic rate and so I really don’t need to work out. But to keep fit and healthy, I am in the gym for a few days in a week. In all my films I look round and well fed. Dhoom 2 saw me at my toned best. So when I see the film, apart from my figure, only the memories of eating the prescribed diet springs to my mind. When the family was shooting for Sarkar Raj I used to carry home cooked food. There used to be a lot of south Indian dishes as both Pa and Abhi Iike it. As for me, I love all cuisines. And any time is a good chow time. (As told to Chuman Das)


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At a recent press interview, Sikandar was caught literally with his mouth open. Sikku had assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Devdas where Aishwarya Rai was one of the leading ladies. When one of the journos present asked him if he had harboured a crush on Ash, Sikku stammered and stuttered, and finally replied, “I met her when Abhishek Bachchan and she were shooting for Rohan Sippy’s kuch Na Kaho. The ice was broken then and no, I did not have a crush on her.” Thank god for that.. right Sikku, since the world knows you are Junior Bachchan’s chota bhai..

Is not that he never had a crush on Aish because of Abhishek, it’s because Sikhander just knows Aish is a “tree” get it!!


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Katrina Kaif was down with viral fever during the IIFA awards held in Bangkok recently and doctors had advised her complete bed rest.The organisers wondered whether Katrina would be able to live up to her commitment and perform live for the event. In fact taking the doctor’s advise into consideration the organisers too suggested that Katrina should just take it easy and not perform at the show.

But Katrina being a thorough professional, just popped in some antibiotics and was all ready to take on the stage. Retracting from a commitment was out of question.
And the kind of performance Katrina dished out, not once did the onlookers come to know that she was completely down with high fever as she looked as fresh as the morning dew and won the Glamorous diva title at the event.

After the show when people learnt that Katrina had performed despite her illness, they praised her for her professionalism.Producers, who had worked with Katrina earlier, also swore by the professionalism of the actress who will soon be seen in Singh Is Kinng .That’s Katrina, a true professional.

If you were to ask Aishwarya Rai to do a film with Salman Khan, she will TURNED IT DOWN FOR PERSONAL REASONS. Despite the chemistry she shares with salman khan in hum dil de chuke sanam, DIRECTORS SHOULD BOYCOTT AISH.


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First her fight with Abhi got splashed all over the media and now she’s down with a very very serious case of German measles.

Reports Mid-Day that the actress has been ‘under the weather’ since her return from IIFA in Bangkok. What started off as fever and body ache has now progressed to German measles. Aishwarya has been put in isolation as the disease is highly contagious.

Amitabh bachchan confirm the news saying, “Yes it’s been a while. But she’s almost out of it.”
Says a source close to the family, “Ash’s condition has improved now and she’s on her way to recovery. This is the first time she’s been affected by measles.”
Really, the first time ?? We thought all along she has this HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS VIRUS , it’s just IN HER.

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Vivek was speaking about his budding relationship with the Bachchans, especially Abhishek. He said that it was extremely “sweet” of the actor to send him an SMS appreciating his performance at IIFA.

So what about the Bachchan bahu with whom he has a romantic past? The duo did come face to face at IIFA and at Teji Bachchan’s funeral…

“Today she’s married and I respect her status in someone else’s life,” said Vivek. “I respected her in the past and I respect her today.”

Yah yah whatever, Vivek has been so apologetic, its making us dizzy. Maybe he wants to be INVOLVED IN UNFORGETTABLE TOUR, that’s why he’s sucking up to them.

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Even when abhishek bachchan won an award during the Iffa Awards last weeks for Iffa Style icon award, she laughs at whatever abhishek was saying. She laughs LOUDLY LIKE A PIG. Even abhishek has to mentioned that “it’s not that funny”.

If you have missed the screening of IIFA Awards 2008 at Star Plus , you can watch it on youtube. Click here for more.

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The Bilz & Kashif, the group’s debut album broke barriers in the Canadian music industry with their smash international singles, 2 Step Bhangraand O Meri Rani that dominated radio waves all across Canada and internationally. The singles reached #4 on the Top 7@7 charts on Z103.5FM in Toronto for 3 weeks standing one notch above Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. They have performed with the likes of platinum selling artists such as Enrique Iglesias, VengaBoys, 112, Crystal Waters and Bobby Valentino. Also, their huge popularity helped them attain their status as MySpace’s Top 10 Independent Canadian Artists.

With 2 Step Bhangra and O Meri Rani receiving major rotation on mainstream radio stations, the video received over 700,000 views on Youtube, reached #1 on MTV Desi for 3 weeks, gained play on Much Music, Much Vibe and licensed “2 Step Bhangra” to a MTV Canada commercial. The Bilz & Kashif also won the “Best Dance Video of the Year” award for their lead single, 2 Step Bhangra, at the Bollywood Music Awards held at the Trump Taj Casino.

2008 is already a big year for The Bilz & Kashif, as they have recently signed a deal to feature their music in an animated Bollywood movie EKEH 2.0 starring Firoz Khan, Fardeen Khan, and Koena Mitra. Furthermore, their much anticipated single “Turn the Music Up” from their brand new album is set to release this summer and expected to reach new heights in the music industry. They are now ready to rock the stage at the Unforgettable Tour in Canada, promising an explosive stage presence and electrifying performance.

The Unforgettable Tour, a never seen before extravaganza of Indian Cinema magic, is being unveiled on 18 July 2008 in Toronto. The first leg of the tour spans 10 cities, traveling to exotic destinations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Trinidad & Tobago, Houston, Atlantic City, New York, Vancouver, London Amsterdam and Toronto, the tour promises to be an out-of-the-world experience, an event that would leave Indian movie fans asking for more. The Unforgettable Tour` will bring together, for the very first time, the first family of Indian cinema – the legendary Bachchans – Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on one stage.

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If you still think that AISHWARYA RAI IS BEAUTIFUL AND NOT NASUEATING, than this video is not for you :

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