Who likes the Bachchans? everyone gets so ACID about the bachchans.

Oh! Harman Baweja, he looks so comfortable this time round.
When Z listers promote thier movie, everyone just sits in silence, because serioulsy there is nothing to talk about. UNLESS YOU HAVE A SEX TAPE .. Hint Hint.
There’s too much of the Bachchans, We took this picture, so that you can see AKSHAY KUMAR , sitting by silently to promote the UNFORGETTABLE TOUR. We love you AKSHAY… PLEASE COME TO SINGAPORE

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This time, with “Aishwarya WANNABE”, Katrina Kaif, and constipated looking Akshay Khanna.

Boring event with boring people.The girl will sit there being pretty and all and speak nonsense hindi. The other one should just RETIRE, he’s a no-face in bollywood anymore. Gosh!

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