They say if you can’t beat the you JOIN THEM. So Aamir Khan had made it clear that SALMAN KHAN IS THE SUPERSTAR during salman khan’s show in DAS KA DUM. And he has clearly apologize to Amitabh BAchchan. So out of PUBLICITY SAKE, the enemies came out to mingle and play with the cameras.

Salman khan and his HIDEOUS WIG , actually salman is HIDEOUS.

Amitabh Bachchan went solo to support Aamir Khan. It would be WORLD WAR 3 if he actually flew to London to watch Love Story 2050 then, but oh well…

Can’t you see the cameras behind them, See what we meant by PLAYING FOR THE CAMERAS. They’re actors, tehy know how to OWN THE CAMERA.

At the end of the day Aamir Khan wins, because he got their attention, he write nasty things about them, and all this shitzo about sabotaging someone’s careere is not his stlye- bullshit. He is born with that STYLE

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We are counting down the dates- 14 more days


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Every filmmaker desires to work with superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Recently, Madhur Bhandarkar expressed his willingness to direct Big B and now it’s the turn of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He had once directed him in Black and again wishes to cast him in his forthcoming film Chenab Ghandhi.

Talking about his venture with Bhansali, Big B says, “It will be inappropriate to talk about the project as we are just discussing its script. But, yes I was approached to do the film and it will be directed by his assistant, while Bhansali will produce it.” It’s titled Chenab Gandhi. At present, he is busy shooting for Alladin and yet to give his dates to Bhansali.The film will also star the next door gal Vidya Balan and debutante Harman Baweja


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STARCAST: Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachchan, Manisha Koirala, Anupam Kher, Beena Kak, Rukhsar, Dilip Tahil, Sohail Khan, Satish Kaushik, Sanjay Mishra

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First her fight with Abhi got splashed all over the media and now she’s down with a very very serious case of German measles.

Reports Mid-Day that the actress has been ‘under the weather’ since her return from IIFA in Bangkok. What started off as fever and body ache has now progressed to German measles. Aishwarya has been put in isolation as the disease is highly contagious.

Amitabh bachchan confirm the news saying, “Yes it’s been a while. But she’s almost out of it.”
Says a source close to the family, “Ash’s condition has improved now and she’s on her way to recovery. This is the first time she’s been affected by measles.”
Really, the first time ?? We thought all along she has this HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS VIRUS , it’s just IN HER.

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Bollywood hunks love to go around with shadow stubble and Salman is no exception. The trouble is, as you grow old the shadow stubble looks increasingly like sunshine stubble, thanks to the pesky grey facial foliage that inexorably sprouts to replace the youthful black crop. The problem gets exacerbated if your morning starts in the evening, as Salman’s does. At the music launch of Singh is Kinng at Enigma, JW Marriott on Thursday late evening, June 26, Salman was the unexpected chief guest.

Unexpected because the Big B was also invited to the event though, for reasons best known to himself, Bachchan left the event before it even started. But that is a different story. Salman’s presence at the launch came as a surprise for the media which were under the impression that Amitabh Bachchan was the chief guest. Salman has nothing to do with the film that top lines Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. Akshay is currently in the US shooting for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kambakth Ishq, so we are guessing that the film’s producer, Vipul Shah, roped in Salman to fill the void for no other reason than the fact that Salman is a media magnet who is romantically linked with his heroine, Katrina Kaif.

Anyway, we digress. Salman arrived at the ‘early morning’ event around 11 PM looking a little unkempt. His hair was disheveled and he had shadow stubble. While on the stage he exchanged a few words and smiles with Katrina. It was either Katrina or the mirror that Salman kept looking into furtively as he strode out of Engima discotheque, that tipped Salman that all was not well with his appearance. We are thinking it was the sunshine stubble, but it could have been his misaligned wig! Once out of Enigma, Salman headed straight to a rest room. As he went in his body guards blocked the entrance.

[source:-Sawf News]

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Vivek Oberoi is in the mood to clean up his life and set straight everything that he had messed up in the past. After publicly apologising to Salman khan, the actor is now working on his relationship with the Bachchans.He attended the funeral ceremony for Teji Bachchan, and met the entire Bachchan family.Now, to tighten bonds, Vivek is making quite an effort to extend his friendship towards Amitabh bachchan.

He recently dropped by on the sets of Aladdin at Filmcity, especially to meet Amitabh, who was busy shooting there.Says a source present on the sets, “We were surprised to see Vivek Oberoi on the sets, all of a sudden.Soon we heard that he intended to meet Amitabh Bachchan. Vivek got out of his car and patiently waited outside Bachchan’s make-up van.When Bachchan stepped out of his van, Vivek met him and they exchanged pleasantries. Afterwards, Vivek seemed quite glad to have interacted with Bachchan.”When contacted, Bachchan confirmed Vivek’s visit and said, “Yes, Vivek did drop by to meet me.”

Adds the source, “Vivek dropping by to meet Bachchan was quite unusual and everyone present on the sets was taken by surprise.After chatting for a while, Bachchan resumed his shoot, while Vivek strolled about, checking out the grand sets of Sujoy Ghosh’s Aladdin.After his tour of the sets, Vivek wished Bachchan goodbye and left.”


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Mumbai, (IANS) Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan has rubbished reports that he is teaming up with Rekha in the Disney-produced film “Marma Yogi”.

The news stating that the timeless Amitabh-Rekha pair was likely to come together again had been published in a national daily. The report, which had television channels going berserk, now turns out to be totally unfounded. “I’ve no clue what or which film you’re talking about. This is utter rubbish,” Amitabh told IANS, putting an end to all the speculation about the screen-pair coming together.

In fact, according to well informed sources, it’s not just unikely but impossible that the pair, who made us swoon in innumerable films from “Do Anjaane” to “Silsila” will ever come together again.Years after “Silsila”, the Amitabh-Rekha pair came together in unexpected ways when Rekha dubbed for both the leading ladies, Soundarya and Jaya Sudha, in the Amitabh starrer “Surayvansham”.

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Celebrities knows that without us, they basically don’t have a job.


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The Bilz & Kashif, the group’s debut album broke barriers in the Canadian music industry with their smash international singles, 2 Step Bhangraand O Meri Rani that dominated radio waves all across Canada and internationally. The singles reached #4 on the Top 7@7 charts on Z103.5FM in Toronto for 3 weeks standing one notch above Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. They have performed with the likes of platinum selling artists such as Enrique Iglesias, VengaBoys, 112, Crystal Waters and Bobby Valentino. Also, their huge popularity helped them attain their status as MySpace’s Top 10 Independent Canadian Artists.

With 2 Step Bhangra and O Meri Rani receiving major rotation on mainstream radio stations, the video received over 700,000 views on Youtube, reached #1 on MTV Desi for 3 weeks, gained play on Much Music, Much Vibe and licensed “2 Step Bhangra” to a MTV Canada commercial. The Bilz & Kashif also won the “Best Dance Video of the Year” award for their lead single, 2 Step Bhangra, at the Bollywood Music Awards held at the Trump Taj Casino.

2008 is already a big year for The Bilz & Kashif, as they have recently signed a deal to feature their music in an animated Bollywood movie EKEH 2.0 starring Firoz Khan, Fardeen Khan, and Koena Mitra. Furthermore, their much anticipated single “Turn the Music Up” from their brand new album is set to release this summer and expected to reach new heights in the music industry. They are now ready to rock the stage at the Unforgettable Tour in Canada, promising an explosive stage presence and electrifying performance.

The Unforgettable Tour, a never seen before extravaganza of Indian Cinema magic, is being unveiled on 18 July 2008 in Toronto. The first leg of the tour spans 10 cities, traveling to exotic destinations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Trinidad & Tobago, Houston, Atlantic City, New York, Vancouver, London Amsterdam and Toronto, the tour promises to be an out-of-the-world experience, an event that would leave Indian movie fans asking for more. The Unforgettable Tour` will bring together, for the very first time, the first family of Indian cinema – the legendary Bachchans – Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on one stage.

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