Amrita Rao wants herself to establish as a glamor and bold actress in bollywood, that all we know. She is trying hard to get herself glamorous and now in her next upcoming movie she is looking glamorous indeed. The upcoming movie is Anil kapoor’s “Shortkut – The Con is on”. She is showing the hottest ever look in the movie. The simple and cute looking girl is got bold now and I think her fans will enjoy the new avatar of her. Here are 2 movie stills of her which shows how much glamorous look she has adopted.

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Now everyone wants to lose weight, be a siz zero and now amrita rao has also jump in to do a two piece scene ala Challiya from Tashan.

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For a new film titled ‘Victory’ that he has signed, Harman has been brushing up his cricketing skills from his college days.
‘Harman has always been a cricket buff. Lately he had no opportunity to hone his cricketing skills thanks to his busy schedules. Now this character of a cricketer which he gets to play in ‘Victory’ has given him a chance to discover his passion for the game,’ said a friend.
‘Since he’ll be playing with professional cricketers from the world over – just like John (Abraham) plays football with real footballers in ‘Goal’ -Harman has to be really careful not to end up looking like amateur with the bat,’ the friend added.
Sports and sports films seem to be occupying a lot of our cinematic space. It therefore comes as no surprise to know that the sporty Harman Baweja is doing this cricket film to be directed by theatre and TV personality Ajit Pal.
‘Victory’ will feature Anupam Kher as Harman’s father and Amrita Rao will be the leading lady.
‘It’s a brilliant subject,’ says Anupam. ‘I’ve known Ajit Pal from his theatre days. Though I don’t get to play cricket in the film I’d any day be part of the pavilion in a film as well-meaning as this.’
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She has gone to dance classes to keep fit. Amrita said, “I visited Brian’s dance academy when I was in Bangkok. Now that he is in Mumbai, I thought I simply must learn dance from him. We have started with basic steps. My body is not fit to be stressed at a gym, so I am finding dance to be a great alternative to build up my stamina.”Talking about what she has learnt till date, Amrita says, “Currently, Brian has brushed my skills in ballroom dancing and Fox Trot.

Next in line will be Salsa, and later, various dance forms like Jazz and Hip Hop. My training right now will increase the flexibility of my leg movements. My trials with gym have led me to realise that I have a toned body already, so I needn’t work-out rigorously to be in shape.

That’s how I thought of dancing. Besides, dance is also a part of my profession!”Is she trying to achieve size zero? “I think everybody has their own ambitions . I know that we need to have a desirable and a perfect body on-screen as that’s how our audience wants to see us. Though I would say that I don’t need a size zero,” she quips.

We think seriouslywhe should stop all tis westenized thing, and learn BOLLYWOOD DANCE, i mean girl, you’re a bollywood star. Beush up on that hindi moves, even before FOX TROT. And oh, size zero? Can’t anyone see, she’s actually size MINUS ZERO -0

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The girl that we first saw in Main Hoo Na, whose clothes are BIGGER than her, is all grown up. Firstly she has a boyfriend, Now- she’s MISS GLAM.
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April 12, 2008

Remember our post on That Small Girl Is In Love.
Well here she is unveiling Jal’s Boondh.

We hate to say this, but we can see a glow on her face…

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Amrita Rao, the actress whose costumes always looks bigger then her, is IN LOVE.Sources claimed that Amrita Rao is going around with her new man, and he is none other than Farhan Saeed.

Farhan Saeed is the lead vocalist of Pakistani band Jal (famous for their Woh Lamhe). Jal had roped in Amrita for their new music video for their new album Boond. Amrita was bowled over by Farhan’s mannerisms and attitude. The duo hit off very well and soon became good buddies.

After awhile both Farhan and Amrita developed special feelings for each other. The started hanging out together and were regularly spotted at many restaurants together.
Farhan is unable to stay away from his ladylove, and is flying frequently to Mumbai from Pakistan just to be with Amrita.

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February 9, 2008

“I am really enjoying dressing up like an Indian belle. Looking sexy doesn’t mean wearing revealing clothes. I’d like to experiment with my looks but with limits as I don’t like wearing revealing clothes. One can actually look sexy even in Indian village clothes.”
Ho’ is either blind, or people just hate her that they never tell her the truth. Whatever clothes she wear, all of it look bigger than her. Ho’s so tiny and un-sexy at all.
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