April 18, 2008

Ashley Tisdale is in negotiations to star in the remake of the 1989 cult classic Teen Witch.

She will play an unpopular high school teen who learns she’s a descendant from the witches of Salem and has inherited their powers. The movie was a fantasy musical.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ash is also executive-producing an untitled mall-set show based on her life for Disney Channel. Disney declined comment on the project, but it is understood that the Mouse house approached Tisdale after execs read a newspaper article in which the actress talked of her misadventures before finding a career with High School Musical.

Let’s just hope the movie does not require her to twitch her nose ala Bewitched. Nobody would enjoy seeing her nose fall of her face while she’s at it.

(Image: Picarena)

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Don’t Lie

March 27, 2008

Ashley Tisdale has denied the rumors that she’s had another snip to her schnoze. She had a nose job last November to correct a “deviated septum.” Deviated septum is Hollywood talk for “I want a clit nose.”

She told People, “People are saying I had another nose job and I did not. That’s ridiculous. I was away in New Zealand filming a movie (They Came From Upstairs) and so people think I went away to have more work done. But I didn’t. Tabloids have doctors talk about what they think I did with my surgery, but they did not examine me. They don’t know what I have inside my nose.”

She’s also denying that she’s had her rack enhanced, “Does it look like it to you? No! It’s ridiculous. I’m not for plastic surgery. I’m not going to get another surgery. I can promise you that.”


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