June 4, 2008

Danity Kane is better than Pussycat Dolls because ______________.

Try hard. Can’t find the answer. Try harder. Keep trying because Danity Kane is the best girl group ever. They are classy, elegant, brimming with talents and their pimp is P. Diddy.

(Image: Egotastic)

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Adriana Lima on the Cover of ELLE and Aubrey O Dayon the cover of J’ADORE.

And mind you, Adriana is obviously wearing something MUCH more skimpier than the blonde. But she still looks elegant. As for Aubrey…

Oh by the way Aubrey is not that slim. That is photoshop. She looks like a fat cow now. You don’t believe us? Here is the most recent picture of her:

(Image: DListed, Coke Hold)

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May 24, 2008

What we really cannot decipher is isn’t Aubrey supposed to be swapping saliva with Jenna?

Why did she go and hookup with a boy? He has not even finished his puberty.

(Image: Just Jared)

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May 22, 2008

Aubrey O’Day was spotted making out with Jesse McCartney, Monday night at NYC club Butter.
Is it just us or do we find Jesse McCartney a little a bit hot. But for a little bit of decency, he could have picked any other blondes in the club that looked less orange couldn’t he?
And Aubrey, isn’t she supposed to be with that Jenna Jameson shoving down dildos up each other’s asses? Did she thought Jesse was Jenna?
Dumb cunt.
(Image: Google)
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