She should just go back to where she belongs. Oh better, Tom cruise should make her convert to Scientology, then she can drink more barley water, play with Suri AND GET LOCKED UP.


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May 3, 2008

If we ever see Bai Ling outside (for watever reasons), we will give her a hug. Then take off our shoes and beat her to death.

Here, she is at the Premiere of What Happens In Vegas

(Image: DListed)

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Bai Ling posted these pictures of Pink and her going to Coachella.

We are okay with pink cos she’s a rocker and all that but Bai Ling. Bitch stop it!! Shudder…

(Image: Seriously Omg! Wtf!)

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We are truly delighted that the ever gorgeous, stunning, classy and elegant beauty like Miss Bai Ling can grace our website!!! I mean, look at her face. What a face!!! The face that can launch a thousand soiled rotten tomatoes.

On a brighter note, we are really feeling the hair. Did she got it done at the $5.90 express salon? Amazing.

A mugshot of the world most beautiful woman taken after Bai was arrested at LAX Airport for allegedly stealing $16 worth of batteries and tabloid magazines.


(Photo Courtesy of

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