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Moviefone premiered the first trailer for He’s Just Not That Into You on Tuesday. He’s Just Not That Into You will showcase an all-star cast, including Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Aniston. The film adaptation of the best-selling self-help book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo opens in theaters later this year.

It is an irony that Jennifer Aniston is in it. He’s just not that into you. When will she learn?

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Entertainmentwise is reporting what could be a new quote from Ben Affleck. He’s bitching about how his career tanked after he made the stupid decision to make a terrible movie with J. Lo, have an affair with her (and let’s face, she was married for a few weeks at that point) and show up at multiple events and premieres by her side. You would think he would avoid reminding us about that well publicized period in his life, but he says that showing up in J.Lo’s “Jenny from the Block” video was career-ending for him. Entertainment wise presents this quote from Ben as if it’s something he just said, but it’s probably from an older interview and they’re rehashing it:

He says, “If I have a big regret, it was doing the music video. But that happened years ago. I’ve moved on.”

But Affleck insists he isn’t blaming Lopez for his career nosedive: “It not only makes me look like a petulant fool (to blame Lopez), but it surely qualifies as ungentlemanly? For the record, did she hurt my career? No.”

[From Entertainmentwise]

Affleck appeared in a tank top in the video, with it’s catchy but annoyingly repetitive refrain assuring us that J.Lo is just like us despite the fact that she’s so rich and famous she can get guards to bring her cuticle cream in jail. He rubbed Lopez’s bikini-clad booty and seemed transfixed by it, which helped us understand how he got into that PR mess in the first place.

Ben talked about the effect of his relationship with Lopez on his career back in October when he was doing press for Gone Baby Gone. I hope for his sake that this quote is re-hashed reworded version of stuff he already said in order to promote his movie. He meant well and was just trying to be open about it. He should have released that, like his relationship with Lopez, things never quite end in the media and keep getting recycled and repeated ad naseum. At least he learned from his mistakes and ended up with a woman who made him sell his Bentley and doesn’t ignore her children.


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The picture says it all. Ben Affleck looks hideously unattractive. Jennifer Garner looks like a grown up Suri Cruise. Scary.

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