It was Solange’s birthday party and Samantha Ronson, elder sis Beyonce, haggard mum Tina and Samatha’s bitch Lindsay was there.

The party seems low key. I mean hello, if i was Beyonce, it would be a themed party with a fountain spewing champagne and a nice lush hotel with good lighting and amazing kick ass DJs.

For Solange, the uglier of the Knowles, you get a thrash themed party with a fountain spewing Ribena held in their house basement and you get DJs like Samantha Ronson who kicks ass and licks pussy.


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That is not Beyonce’s baby and that man i sdefinitely not Jay Z though we kinda wish she wil cut those hideous hair on her head.

Beyonce kisses a young boy as she hands him over at a Los Angeles studio on Monday during shooting for the film, Obsessed.

Obsessed is about a successful professional man with a beautiful wife who finds his idyllic life threatened by a temp in his office who reveals herself as a stalker.

Heroes hottie, Ali Larter, and Jerry O’Connell co-star in the Steve Shill-directed film.
The film is set for a February 2009 release.

You know she will look like that in 5 years if she is pregnant and gave a baby. Except you have to add 50 pounds more to that and moo moos.

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After having married Jay-Z, Beyonce seems to be keeping a low profile. So it is a nice (Urm, not really) surprise to see her getting her big ass out of a nice restaurant once in a while wearing an all white ensemble showing the whole world how fat has she becomed after marriage.
We love you B. She is a fantastic performer. You don’t believe us? Watch this clip below:

(Image/Youtube: Just Jared, Youtube)

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First it was yes, and then a no, and then an official statement. We are confused. Here’s a recent photo of Jay z and Beyonce at P diddy’s party @ Cannes 2008

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May 24, 2008

What’s Wino’s loss might become Beyonce’s gain. Producers of “Quantum of Solace” are apparently talking to Beyonce about singing the next Bond theme. The song was written by Amanda Ghost and Beyonce would also work with Bond composer John Barry.

Wino was working with Mark Ronson on the track, but she can’t be bothered with it anymore. Her spokesperson said Wino “felt it was the wrong thing to get involved in.”

We do not know whether Beyonce’s larger than life (Pun Intended) personality (Her BIG FAT ASS) will go in line with Quantum Solace’s uber coolness. You know Sasha just won’t agree with B on this…
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Allegedly, Beyonce is trying to land a role on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Her father/manager, Matthew Knowles, has already arranged for a guest appearance on the show, however according to reports, Matthew is trying to secure a permanent role for Beyonce. A source close to the Knowles family told,

They’ve already agreed to give Beyonce a cameo appearance. But [we’re] hoping that [she] could be written in for a recurring role, or possibly even a permanent one.

There have also been rumors that Nicollette Sheridan, “Edie Britt”, may be leaving Desperate Housewives. So could Beyonce be her replacement?
Beyonce should totally be on Desperate Housewives. She will be he lady from the ghetto. Desperate Housewives need that gangsta lovin’ ya’all. She can be the cunt who blast the radio up 24 hours a day, have barbecue parties every two days, and have catfights with Eva Longoria.
No with Beyonce on the sets she will fight with everybody. Just look at Dreamgirls. Acting all tough and shit. Yes we all know she can probably beat up all the four of them at one go but hey, gotta love the lady.
And we have yet to see her pictures with her rumoured PREGNANCY. Should be fun. She can then play the pregnant ghetto cunt of Wisteria Lane.
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The New York Post is reporting that the singer is preggers.

“Pals of the tight-lipped newlyweds say the songbird is expecting the couple’s first child,” reports the paper with certainty.

Only time will tell if it’s true.

A rep for Beyonce saucily responds to the spermination story, “I don’t know if she’s pregnant. Let me perform an ultrasound and get back to you.”

No need darling. The moment we see her ass grows to the size of texas, it will be clear to us.

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We know you’re sisters and all that, but seriously take lessons from the simpsons sisters. One of them sings as if her lungs are full of bubbles, and the other one sings like she has throat infection. And they sound DIFFERENT……

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