Aamir Khan is hosting a grand premiere of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na to launch his nephew Imran Khan. Touted to be one of the biggest events, Aamir has invited over 700 people from the film industry.

According IndiaTimes, Aamir has extended an invitation to his one-time archrival Ram Gopal Varma. IndiaTimes says, “Aamir is calling up people and inviting them personally.

He called up even Ram Gopal Varma, with whom he had major issues during the making of Rangeela, and invited him for the premiere. Ramu has also reciprocated Aamir’s gesture and accepted the invitation.”

Glossing over creative differences between Ramu and Aamir during the making of Rangeela our source adds, “Following the release and success of the film, both of them had lashed out against each other in print.

Ramu had accused Aamir of ‘interfering’ in the film and that had apparently not gone too well with the actor.”

Wow, either Aamir Khan is really trying to make this film work or he realizes that he needs more friends.

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If everybody starts listening to our ancestors then such mistakes wont repet.

This is what our forefathers have to say,“drink in limit.”

Vidya Balan gets drunk and insults fellow guests. It has been reported in the Indian media that popular Bollywood actress Vidya Balan made a mockery of herself at a party in London last week. The actress is rumored to have got drunk and then insulted fellow party goers.

One has to keep in mind that Vidya is not usually like this and, because of the excessive drinking, could have lost her senses. Come on

As we said, this story is possibly not true but if it was, then this has definitely made our day. Seeing Vidya Balan drunk would probably be like watching a monkey trying to dance Dola re Dola. No wait. Aishwarya did that already.

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Think Hrithik Roshan and you think twinkle toes. It started with Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai, where he burst into the scene to introduce a kind of fluid dancing that we hadn’t seen in a long time, and never ended.

Audiences could never have enough of his dancing. But now they may have to do without the delights of Hrithik’s dancing in some films to come. He is looking at scripts that will not require him to display his superb dancing skills.

The actor first got his knee surgery done at Bangkok soon after completing Jodhaa Akbar. But both the pain and the stiffness persisted. A week ago, he went to Los Angeles to get a second surgery done. (It’s another matter that most people thought he was in LA for the pre-production work of Anurag Basu’s Kites.)

Now, the surgery is over, the swelling is gone too, more or less. But it seems he will not be able to do his usual naacha gana with ease now, without harming the operated-on knee. And no, he has no dancing scenes in Kites.

He is reading plenty of other scripts too. But, besides looking at the meat of his role, his main criterion is, ‘No dancing, please’.

Oh Hrithik, you and dancing are synonym to each other. What will we do if you won’t want to dance?!

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Imran khan, in the second part of this exclusive interview with Faridoon Shahryar, Content Head, Bollywood Hungama (Broadband) opens up about uncle Mansoor Khan, the fan following he seems to have developed over the past few days, how he felt when told A R Rahman is composing the music of the film and yes he admits he is better looking than uncle Aamir Khan.

Well you are darling. Most definitely.

(Image/Video: Bollywood Hungama)

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The striking posters of Singh Is Kinng (on display in cinemas in the international markets) have the Punjabi (Gurmukhi) equivalent of the film title at the bottom.

An intelligent ruse to draw the Punjabis who will be the core audience in the UK and Canada, followed by all the diverse Asian communities who’ve been going gaga about the promos of the keenly anticipated title.

Remarks producer Vipul A Shah, “My international distributors came up with the idea of incorporating a gurmukhi font of the title, as no doubt, like all Asians worldwide, the Punjabis and Sikhs will also flock to watch Singh Is Kinng! The response to the look of the film universally has been electrifying!”

Adds Akshay Kumar “I am essaying a Sikh character (Happy Singh) but the film is for everyone. At its core, it is a heart-warming Bollywood entertainer, which the families can sit back and enjoy. The underlying message has to do with positive attitude. Anyone in this world can be a king with a positive attitude in life!”

Singh Is Kinng is out on August 8 with previews on August 7 at select locations. It is an Indian Films – Studio 18 worldwide release.

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