Can you belive the amount of exposure you get just by attending THIS WORLD PREMIERE.
Veterans and old hags like Juhi chawla, goddess Sri Devi, and others went to support the debutant , UNEXPECTED GUEST AND PARTY CRASHES ALSO WENT. Look at the segments below :

Shamita, don’t rain on our parade, we love your sister you just have to try harder. And Sohail, errr you are here becasue ??? Oh, because you would want to be the hero to stop the fight, if ever your brother would want to punch AAMIR KHAN..
Juhi Chawla, you’rs so old and cold-poor thing, trying to wrap yourself, don’t waoory take baby steps na. And Sameera Reddy, Race dosen’t make you an A LIST : )


Wow Sonam After missing out on awrad shows, and awards, and ENDORSEMENTS, you mange to put yourself together to get out of the house. WOW, we give you not a round of applause but 2 claps for effort. And vidya, really babe, GO TO SLEEP. This is not the DISCO ERA, its a red carpet. Not the carpet to roll yourself and sleep like a pig.
Rakhi Sawant is in cloud 9 when Aamir came to her talk show, so, what else. YOu need moreguest in your guest list robe in RAKHI SAWANT. And oh, Raveena Tandon WHO IS COMING BACK TO MOVIES- AND VERY PICKY OF FIlMS. SO YAH HIRE RAVEENA TANDON.

I’m choosing to ignore that Kunal kapoor is here because of Sonam Kapoor, but he is here to promote himself, he got ALOT OF ENDORESMENT ON HIS BELT BUT NO MOVIES. and oh Jiah khan just says HI, and come watch her new film with Aamir Khan : )
DARSHEEL: I love Aamir, I lOve Aamir, I Love Aamir mamu
GLITERRI GUESTS: that includes veterans, who really SUPPORT THE FILM, and COME IN FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.



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They say if you can’t beat the you JOIN THEM. So Aamir Khan had made it clear that SALMAN KHAN IS THE SUPERSTAR during salman khan’s show in DAS KA DUM. And he has clearly apologize to Amitabh BAchchan. So out of PUBLICITY SAKE, the enemies came out to mingle and play with the cameras.

Salman khan and his HIDEOUS WIG , actually salman is HIDEOUS.

Amitabh Bachchan went solo to support Aamir Khan. It would be WORLD WAR 3 if he actually flew to London to watch Love Story 2050 then, but oh well…

Can’t you see the cameras behind them, See what we meant by PLAYING FOR THE CAMERAS. They’re actors, tehy know how to OWN THE CAMERA.

At the end of the day Aamir Khan wins, because he got their attention, he write nasty things about them, and all this shitzo about sabotaging someone’s careere is not his stlye- bullshit. He is born with that STYLE

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Imran khan loos exceptionally sharp and suave on his debut premier. We wish him all the luck, love and sucess for his first movie.

Uncle Aamir Khan does not want tobe left out, after denying he sabotage harman’s career, he walked down the red carpet wearing the same OUTFIT AS HARMAN BAWEJA’s…hmmm mere coincidence??


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Really priyanaka, you were a Miss World, that doesnt mean you have to follow all the Miss WOrld around you, particularly Aish. We prefer YOU actually so don’t spoil it. That dress, that hairstyle that accent. Just Watch it aite!!!

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Just how similar is Priyanka looking like Aish at Cannes this year?
Similar Hairstyle – Check
Similar Dress – Check
Similar Makeup – Check
One thing though, well make that 3.

She is not married to Abhishek Bachchan.

She does not have an incestuous relationship with Harry Baweja.

She is not as ugly of a person as Aishwarya.

But still, Aish wins in the beauty department.

Priyanka? Thank goodness for everything that AISHWARYA is not.

(Image: Pink Villa, Google)

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We also have the movie dates and timing, all for our london viewers out there…waddup y’all.

Love Story 2050Drama/Musical/Romance/Science fiction – Hindi – IMDb
Cineworld Staples CornerGeron Way, London, NW2 6LW, UK – Map20:40
Vue Cinemas Croydon Grant’s14 High St., Croydon, CR0 1GT, UK – Map12:40 16:20 20:00
Vue Cinemas ActonWestern Ave., London, W3 0PA, UK – Map20:00
Vue Cinemas HarrowSt. George’s hopping & Leisure Centre, Harrow, HA1 1AS, UK – Map13:50 17:30 21:20

(Images: PinkVilla)

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In the nicest way possible….THEY SURE DON’T TAKE AFTER THEIR FATHER.

The sentence is loaded so please try to figure what it actually means.

(Image: Pink Villa)

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We are counting down the dates- 14 more days


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We told you, Aamir khan will be in Rakhi sawant’s Chat Show .

Bollywood hotty Rakhi Sawant has gone from being a show stopper to a show host. The item girl is going to host her own show which is rumoured to give you more than your daily dose of Bollywood gossip and interviews.

If one can recalled, the ‘Koffee With Karan’ episode which featured Rakhi as the guest was one of the most watched episodes ever. With Rakhi now in the host’s seat, the audience will definitely be looking forward to see what Rakhi has up her sleeve and how she handles the show ; In other words we just have to wait and watch who is going to do the takking this time -the host or the guests?

For starters, Rakhi will host the first episode of her show with none other than Aamir Khan as the guest. Considering that Aamir is known for keeping a low profile and keeping away from the limelight in terms of attending awards shows and and also television shows, Rakhi is lucky she could rope in the Bollywood perfectionist –Aamir Khan. She is finally getting the chance to work with the cream of Bollywood. We will just have to wait and watch for Rakhi’s show’s first episode to see what happens when you put together two of Bollywood’s controversial celebrities. But from the looks of things at a recent press meet Rakhi and Aamir definitely do set and interesting tone for a talk show.


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Aamir khan’s and his accusations.

1. Have the good looking people in his camp
2.Sabotage love story 2050.Harry vs Aamir
3.Harman going to Das ka dum, but HE WENT FIRST

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