June 28, 2008

Eat that Jennifer Aniston. Less than two months and she has gotten a ring.

WHo cares if it is an engagement ring or not. What matters is that she is getting something from the man that LOVES her.

Jen, pray hard you even get John to bring you breakfast to your bed tomorrow morning. You are lucky if he gives you a punch on your face.

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A source claims : “She has been calling him constantly for support after the passing of her father, and it must be driving [girlfriend] Jessica Biel nuts,” source told OK! Magazine.

Is the source wrong, or Cameron Diaz are lying to us, and Ellen.


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Jessica is preparing to live in Justin’s Hollywood Hills home,” an insider says. “They’re both really excited.”
But Biel, 26, is also hanging on to her own digs in Brentwood, Calif.
“Jessica’s giving the house to her parents and brother because she doesn’t want to sell it,” the insider adds.
It’s a big deal for Justin, 27, who has never taken this relationship step before, but the insider insists that he’s ready.
“They’re definitely headed for marriage,” the insider says. “Moving in is just the beginning.”


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People reports that Cameron had dinner with Jennifer Aniston’s ex, Paul Sculfor.

A witness saw Cammy and Paul having dinner together at some restaurant in Santa Monica. The witness said, “They looked really flirty. She was laughing really loud at all of his jokes. It looked like a date.”

ANd just over a day ago Cameron Diaz has been linked to P. Diddy. Paul Sculfor is Jennifer Aniston’s ex. John Mayer is Cameron’s ex. OOOOOOOOhkae stop it bitches.

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Rush & Molly reports that Diddy and Cammy might have been dating on the down low for a couple of months now.

During the past couple of months, “he” and “she” have been seen “canoodling” and acting all secret-like at various restaurants and clubs. They might be ready to bring their barf union out into the open. A source saw them holding hands during a party at Prince’s mansion this past Friday. A source also saw Cammy spoon-feeding Diddy bread pudding.

Later in the night, the two were seen almost kissing in Prince’s basement. When they realized people were watching, they went into another room and closed the door.

Diddy’s spokesbitch claims they are just friends.

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May 22, 2008

Cameron Diaz looks strikingly happy in her bald cap on the set of My Sister’s Keeper on the Santa Monica Pier in Calif. on Wednesday.

Cam, 35, films with her co-stars Abigail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva.

My Sister’s Keeper plot: The film tells the sad story of a girl (Vassilieva) battling leukemia and the strife it causes within the family. Breslin plays the sister and Diaz is the mother, who shaves her head in support of her ill daughter.

Thank god for that. We do not need another star shaving off her head without any dime or reason.

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May 18, 2008

(Images: Pink Villa, Just Jared)

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May 3, 2008

Cameron Diaz was all smiles on her first ever premiere to What Happens In Vegas after the tragic death of her father.

Here, she is posing with that annoying boy who looks good with his mouth shut, Ashton.

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April 29, 2008

Still mourning the death of her father, Emilio, Cameron Diaz skipped out on the press junket for her new film, What Happens In Vegas, this past weekend.

Diaz, however, did send the journos a hand-written note.

It read:

“First of all I want to thank all of you for your support over the years.

So many films, so many weekends discussing films. I was really looking forward to this weekend getting to talk to my friends about a film that I am so proud of.

Due to the loss of my father I have chosen to be with my family this weekend. But it was important for me to convey to all of you how much I love this film. We really did have the best time, most fun and laughs making it. I know that the stories Ashton, Rob [Corddry] and [Director] Tom [Vaughan] share with you will illustrate that point. I was fortunate to work with a group of truly gifted individuals that share the common denominator of a generous heart and wickedly sick sense of humor.

This weekend I am screening What Happens in Vegas for my family. It was a unanimous decision that we all needed to share a good laugh. After all that’s why we make films like these. So people can leave behind their worries for a couple of hours. Have a good laugh.
I picture all of your smiles and it makes me happy.

Thank you for your continued support. It is much appreciated.



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April 22, 2008

Cameron Diaz looking elated and happy outside a funeral home in Los Angeles on Monday.

Just yesterday, Cam, 35, was also in a good mood at the “Celebration of Life” memorial in honor of her father, Emilio, who passed away on Tuesday from pneumonia. The party was held at Mahé restaurant in Los Angeles. Guests included ex-boyfriends Justin Timberlake and John Mayer.

Good to know that these two hotties care for their exes. Good men like these rarely comes along. Though Justin needs to marry Britney. Ooops sorry, divert!!

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