Rumors about Diddy and Cassie’s relationship have been on the net ever since she broke on the scene, but peep these new photos that the people over at G-Style Magazine obtained. They were taken over the weekend (Mother’s Day at that..) Peep what they wrote:

Time: 2:19pm, Location: Central Park.
While we here would have figured Diddy would be somewhere with mother of his newborn twin girls Kim Porter, but here he is spotted here in Central park with another young woman. What were they doing at this point in time? Watching a couple of street dancers entertain a crowd of tourists below. Now in case you wasn’t sure you can pretty much without a doubt tell that this is indeed Diddy. We do have another angle for you so you can see this mystery lady. As you can see here, it is Cassie, any fan can tell you as her look is very distinguishable. Now I don’t know how you might interpret these pictures, but from the looks of it, they seem very cozy.
(Image: Concrete Loop)
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