By all accounts, Celine Dion is rich. I guess that’s why, according to her utility records, she used 6.5 million gallons of water at her Marin County, Florida home last year.

Mirror UK reports:
The figure – enough to fill a 50-gallon bathtub every four minutes – was taken from her utility bill records….Most homes in the area, which has a population of 126,000, use just 10,000 gallons a month to water the grass and clean their cars.”

That is A LOT OF WATER CELINE. Frugal is the keyword.
(Image: IDontLikeYouInThatWay)
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Stop scaring the shit out of us Celine.
Stop mind fucking us. Which is the real you???
And someone cut Rene Charles’ hair. He looks like Chewbacca minus the facial thing.
And someone count the number of days before Celine husband drops dead. He looks like he is counting down the days already.
(Image: DListed)
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