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Denise Richards is using her daughters! The ugly custody war between self-absorbed Denise and her buffoon of an ex, Charlie Sheen, is about to get even more gruesome as the one-time Bond beauty plans more screen time for the couple’s young daughters, Sam and Lola, in a bid to create an even bigger ratings boost for her already popular reality show, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.

“She wants to continue using the kids and (ex-husband) Charlie (Sheen) for ratings, and Charlie is determined to stop it,” an insider tells OK! Magazine.Oh Charlie Sheen, let bygones be bygones, remember when you were in love and in cloud 9..

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National Enquirer claims to have insider information that the cracks have already started to appear in their marriage. Charlie calls his marriage to Brooke, his third, his “first real marriage.” His partner may have changed, but the negative dynamic he fosters in his relationships probably hasn’t.

According to the Enquirer, Charlie and Brooke fought most of the time on their honeymoon in Costa Rica and decided to cut the vacation short by five days. They supposedly locked heads over whether to start a family, and Charlie was so focused on his bitterness toward Denise that he was unable to relax and enjoy his honeymoon. It sounds like their relationship isn’t all that different from Charlie’s last marriage.

It was the honeymoon from hell for newlyweds Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller! The couple squabbled nonstop over starting a family and cut their two-week holiday at an exotic Costa Rican resort short, sources say…

“They bickered and argued and ended up coming home five days earlier than planned.” [says an insider]…

The two began butting heads over starting a family even before the plane touched down.
“Brooke wants kids and Charlie doesn’t,” the insider said. “As far as he’s concerned, the joys of parenting have been tinged with misery…

“And when they weren’t battling over the baby issue during their honeymoon, Charlie was complaining about Denise, instead of concentrating on Brooke.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, June 30, 2008]

The Enquirer says they contacted Charlie’s rep, who said they didn’t come home early from their vacation and that everything is fine between the couple. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were fighting given Charlie’s history. Although Brooke suffered a miscarriage right before the wedding, according to the Enquirer, Charlie was said to have been supportive but firm that he didn’t want to give it another chance with Brooke.

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Charlie Sheen and longtime girlfriend Brooke Mueller wed in an intimate ceremony at a private estate in Beverly Hills on May 30. Brooke, 30, in a Reem Acra gown, and Charlie, 42, exchanged their own vows in front of 68 guests.

The couple shared the special day with close family and friends: Charlie’s parents, Martin and Janet Sheen, brothers Ramon and Emilio Estevez and Emilio’s fiancée, Sonja Magdevski, and Charlie’s three daughters were on hand for the ceremony. “We’re in love with both of them,” Janet tells OK!. Lisa Joyner, wife of Charlie’s TV co-star Jon Cryer, and Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, were also in attendance. Brooke’s friend Dreamgirls star Sharon Leal sang the Beatles tune “Let It Be” during the reception

Charlie, how does it feel to be married?
It feels great. We were so excited when we got home we couldn’t go to sleep. [There was] a lot of adrenaline and excitement.

Would you say the third time’s the charm for you?
Yeah, but I was telling a couple of friends last night that this feels like my first real marriage. The first one was a show, the second one was a con, and this one is the real deal.

Will you do anything differently in this marriage?
I’m not going to do anything different from the two-plus years that Brooke and I have already spent together. We’re just going to continue to trust and love and support and laugh and continue to be best friends. I think that’s the real key.

Charlie, why did you go to Men’s Wearhouse for your wedding suit?
I like their commercials a lot! I got tired of $3,000 suits falling apart in the middle of certain events. I didn’t wear a tux because they’re hot and they don’t breathe.

Are you planning to start trying to have a baby right away?
Charlie: That’s the plan.
Brooke: There’s a rumor I’m pregnant, and I’m not.

Charlie, what do your daughters think about Daddy getting married?
They’re very young, but they were excited. They claimed they wanted to look as pretty as Brooke. They absolutely adore her.

How difficult was it hearing the comments your ex-wife Denise Richards made in the media on the eve of your wedding?
I’m so tired of talking about her and all her shenanigans. It is what it is. I don’t even care anymore. I’m going to take a stand to basically never utter her name publicly again, and I think if that’s known, it will put an end to some of the drama.

We are tired of her as well that much we can tell you Charlie.

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Everyone loves their children Denise. There are no exception on that one. Even animals love thier children. So Ho’s trying to be all protective, and going on to a reporter/journalist, and shouting at her playing the “THERE’S CHILDREN INVOLVED”.

Well bitch, no one would wanna talk about you, so GO HOME PACK YOUR BAGS. AND DON’T DO A REALITY SHOW ! ASS
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Three And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen will wed fiancee Brooke Mueller in a sunset ceremony outside Los Angeles on Friday night, the New York Daily News reports.

For that second, Denise Richards might just get a bit of ratings for her “COMPLICATED” Reality Tv, just by Planning the revenge, planning to crash that wedding.


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Denise Richards has accused her ex-husband Charlie Sheen of hitting “an all-time low” after telling her to “die of cancer”.

The actress claims Sheen told her to “rot in hell” when she sent him a text message to say their daughter Sam was ill.

Richards tells New York gossip column PageSix, “Last week, I sent Charlie a text message asking him if he’s going to Family Day (for daughter Sam’s school) and letting him know Sam was sick with a cold.

“His response was, ‘I hope you and your worthless retarded father get cancer and join your stupid mom. Rot in hell you whore.’ My mom died of cancer. This is what I deal with on a weekly basis.

“He missed Dad’s day at the school and my father had to go in his place. And this is how he talks to me?”

Sheen and Richards took their bitter ex-marital battle to breakfast TV screens on Wednesday, when they clashed over an email the actress allegedly sent begging for a sperm donation from her ex-husband.

But Richards denies sending the email. She adds, “I don’t want Charlie’s prostitute-tranny-infested sperm. I have two beautiful kids. We’ll leave it at that. I am so over him. He’s the one who can’t move on. He’s disgusting and he’s hit an all-time low.”

Meanwhile, Sheen has challenged Richards to take a lie detector test – on live TV.

A spokesman for the star says, “Denise seems to be denying the existence of (the) e-mail. This goes beyond a he-said-she-said. We have an offer from a (live) TV show. They will bring a computer expert to diagnose the e-mail and to verify it was sent by her e-mail address and to verify it was neither altered nor edited. Computer DNA – it is conclusive.

“The only time Charlie has spoken on TV about her, they were sound bites at red-carpet visits or during set visits. He has not gone on multiple TV shows this week.”


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“Denise said appearing would show they have no hard feelings and that their girls would love it,” a show spy tells Star.

Charlie isn’t in a forgiving sort of mood. :
“Charlie replied, ‘It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I do anything for you.’ Charlie thinks Denise is trying to use his fame to save her show-he heard it wasn’t going so well already. Denise was really insulted by his refusal. She thought she was being nice.”

Denise named her new reality show “It’s Complicated”, Well It’s COMPLICATED ALL RIGHT.
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