The gay media watchdogs over at GLAAD are bent out of shape because Will Smith’s titular character in Hancock uses the word “homo.” Thrice!!

At approximately 24 minutes into the film, while Jason Bateman’s PR whiz works to rehabilitate the superhero’s tarnished image, he shows Hancock three comic book images in an effort to inspire him. But Hancock rejects the traditional image of costumed superheroes as he responds to each one: “Homo. Homo in red. Norwegian homo.”

The audience is prompted to laugh and there is no response to or retribution for Hancock’s remarks. Bateman’s character, the father of a young son, could have easily spoken up instead of giving Hancock a pass.…Rated PG-13, Hancock is being marketed to families, teens and young adults. This film certainly presents an opportunity for parents to explain to their kids that the usually entertaining character of Hancock is not modeling good behavior. But let’s get real: Hancock’s use of the slur sends a problematic message that it’s okay to discriminate using such hateful words.

Publicity, publicity, publicity.

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You see not everybody is born gorgeous.

Charlize Theron is born perfect.

Here is Charlize Theron looking extra glam for David Letterman. Oh Stuart Towsend is such a lucky arse.

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Whatis going on here, really? They’re GRABBING AS MUCH ATTENTION so that people come watch The HANCOCK. What a COCK!!!


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June 17, 2008

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At the Christian Dior Cruise 2009 Collection at Gustavino’s in New York City on Monday.

If you add the amount of make up that both Jennifer and Christina wears, yo might be surprised. It is heavier than your bloody furniture.

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Check out the new trailer for Will Smith’s Hancock, which premiered during Wednesday’s American Idol results show.

In the film, Will, 39, portrays an alcoholic superhero despised by everyone. A publicist (Jason Bateman) helps rehabilitate him, and the superhero eventually begins an affair with the publicist’s wife (Charlize Theron).

The Peter Berg-directed comedy superhero flick opens in theaters everywhere July 2.

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