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By all standards, the movie is soooo going to kick ass….

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We have already said, watching the dark knight will be very hard for us because of Heath Ledger, but feast your eyes on this exclusive pictures. The Dark Knight will be the biggest blockbuster hit. COUNT DOWN : 2 more weeks

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Summer is still in the midst right now. And three of the summer blockbusters have already been released but there is helluva more. Here is the ten summer movies that fans alike are anticipating to watch!

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Got Milk.

Batman giving all the gay boys in the world something to fantasize to tonight for the next one month.

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Christian Bale is not only continuing his role in the Batman films, but he’s also signed on to be a part of the Terminator franchise.

Bale will play John Connor in the next three sequels to Terminator.

Christian has already begun filming the first film, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.
The film is set to debut on May 22, 2009.

Victor Kubicek of film company Halcyon, says Bale is “really an actor’s actor, so we’re very proud. Christian was our first choice and he’s a big fan of The Terminator, so we’re very lucky. But with Batman he’s already done the whole franchise thing, so we weren’t sure he’d respond.”

Apparently Bale fell so in love with the money script that he’s already signed to make all three films.

But, the real question remains: will Arnold Schwarzenegger play the role of the Terminator again?

Unfortunately for us, the producers won’t say. They’re also not discussing any of the plot details or characters.

Kubicek adds, “We can’t talk about the story points at all. Not everyone gets to see the script. They only see the part of the script that’s relevant to the job they’re doing.”

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It is unclear. I mean, the very first time it premiered darling. Can’t Wait.

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