Courtney stop it. We don’t take people in carts seriously.

Christiano, go on. We take shirtless people on boats very very very seriously.

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June 12, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrates his win with Portugal over the Czech Republic at the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament in Geneva on Wednesday.
There’s only one way to celebrate in true diva style, and that’s by taking your shirt off.
Portugal now advances to the quarterfinals.
Oh well, He is our only hope. The other ROnaldo have sex with rannies and the David is married to a woman who never smiled and sound like Mickey.
The last thing we want to know is that Christiano Ronaldo is married to a tranny who never smiles and sounds like Mickey Mouse. Trust us, it CAN happen.
(Image: Perez Hilton)
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Pervs!!! We meant soccer.
Cristiano Ronaldo at his Euro 2008 training session today. He is totally hot and we would totally hit it on with him in a heartbeat even though he looks more pretty than your average beauty queen. Because as you can see, he trims and shapes his eyebrows more meticulous than an anal retentive Paris Hilton.
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The Champions League, Europe’s most coveted trophy, is back in the hands of Manchester United. It was won at 1.34 a.m. in Moscow in the cruellest way a sporting contest can end — on the penalty shoot out that many of us have compared to Russian Roulette.

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Apparently John Abraham was hurt when news channels showed photographs of Bipasha Basu kissing Manchester United soccer star Christiano Ronaldo.

During the Bipasha-Ronaldo kissing controversy, John was filming Nagesh Kukunoor’s Aashayein where he portrays the role of a gambler. Even though John was hurt and upset her shot all the intense scenes of Ashayein without batting an eyelid.

Shailendra Singh, producers of Aashayein reveals, “Yes, John shot the most emotion-packed scenes of the movie while he was going through a personal crisis. However, he is extremely professional and he gave an outstanding performance.”


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