Could Ray J and 2 members of Danity Kane be in a sex tape???

Whispers and rumors are flying around the Internet and it won’t be long before the masses will be crying out for proof. Namely a copy of the alleged tape. It seems as though Ray J and two of the girls from the singing group Danity Kane had a threesome and Ray J filmed it all on a hidden camera in his room. How creepy! The girls make out and then Ray J joins in… allegedly.

As we all know, Ray J is famous for having a sex tape with Kim Kardashian, oh and for being the lil brother of singer Brandi.

The only thing that gives this any validity is that multiple sources are claiming that Ray J’s boys are shopping the tape around. Media Take Out is the main source (which is as reliable as a gossip mag can be) but the folks at Miami’s BEST radio station POWER 96 have hinted at the possibility of the tape’s existence as well.

Disgusting. Ray J has sex with anything. Even his room lamp. And the skanks from Danity Kane will sleep with anybody too. Even between themselves. Oh wait they already have.
(Image: Hollywire)
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