Seventeen did an interview with American Idol runner up David Archuleta, ho happens to be a really, really, really, young and inexperienced boy.

1. When was your first kiss?
I haven’t had a first kiss.

2. Who’s your celebrity crush?
I don’t have a crush on anyone yet. I’ve always been against that because it’s like you don’t even know who they are. It’s like when people have a crush on me, it’s just weird when they’ve never even met me. So for me to do that to someone else, it’s kind of weird. I look up to Sara Bareilles, John Mayer, and Jason Mraz.

3. What’s a girl fashion trend that confuses you?
I don’t get those really short skirts.

Jason Mraz and John Mayer. You are gay.

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Everybody was there.
All the queens were.
The three Davids, Georgie and Seal and Carrie and that lesbian rocker.
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David cook is your American Idol. Archuleta didn’t win. The difference was 12 million votes. Does not make any difference to us.

FOR SINGAPORE VIEWERS if you have missed the live telecast at 8am, you can watch the second telecast of American Idol Finale at 10.00pm

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Singaporeans fret not, The American Idol Results will Air on CHANNEL 5 8PM

We’re just ahead of time…

Idol judge already has a pick for which David should be victorious at the Kodak Theater next Wednesday night.

Simon Cowell told Blender Magazine in a new interview that he thinks David Cook should win this year’s competition.

“I think he’s done more to deserve it over the eleven weeks,” Simon says. “He’s taken more risks, he’s done things with certain songs that have been more interesting. If I’m gonna base it on who has done the best performances over the live shows, David Cook deserves to win.”

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We occasionally talk about The American Idol This year, maybe because we had our hand too full, But we are Eager TO KNOW WHO WILL WIN THIS YEAR.

Here’s to the TOP 3:

Judge’s Choice
Paula Abdul for David Archuleta with And So It Goes by Billy Joel
Randy Jackson for Syesha Mercado with If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys
Simon Cowell for David Cook with The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Personal Choice
David Archuleta – With You by Chris Brown
Syesha Mercado – Fever by Peggy Lee
David Cook – Dare You to Move by Switchfoot

Producer’s Choice
David Archuleta – Longer by Dan Fogelberg
Syesha Mercado – Hit Me Up by Gia Farrell
David Cook – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

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March 10, 2008

If this official fan website is to be believed, then David Archuleta is definitely gay Saxyphone.

Here is why.

Favourite Bands: Destiny’s Child. (It is a girl group. Not a band)
Favourite Song: And I Am Telling You I’m Not going. (From the MUSICAL DREAMGIRLS. Double mistake. A MUSICAL. AND JENNIFER HOLIDAY is…nevermind.)
Favourite TV Show: Lizzie McGuire (What the eff. Which teenage boy LIKES Lizzie Mcguire. Maybe gay? Yes. FInd Hillary hot. Not likely.)
Favourite Singers: Natalie Cole, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson. (Gay, Gay, Fucking Gay)
Favourite Fruit: Banana (Rightttttttt)
Favourite Snack Food: Banana (Your favourite fruit is bananas. When you snack you love bananas too?! Okayyyy)

Now we all know why he sings really well. He imagines that the microphone is a banana and by singing good, he will get to eat it later backstage. After that, he will suck on the other David’s banana.

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