David Beckham may be a certified hottie, but his breath could use some help. Apparently, Becks has really bad breath due to these fish oil tablets he insists on taking every day.

“Becks is the spokesperson for Go3 — he even appears on the box — so he has to take it despite the consequences,” reports Star magazine. “And he really believes in the product. He says it gives him more energy.”

No wonder Victoria Beckham doesn’t smile a lot. She is pissed with David Beckham’s foul smell of a mouth far too much to even consider smiling for the papparazzi.

We can imagine, David giving her heads and then he pussy tastes like Lysol.

Even I would be pissed beyind any redemption. I will not smile for years after that.

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… Victoria Beckham, doesn’t know what to do with them. We do….

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June 28, 2008

Holy Moly drops this little tidbit:

Armani was supposed to release a behind-the-scenes ‘viral’ video of the recent Beckham in his knickers photoshoot, but pulled it at the last minute as someone pointed out that the size of his package was noticeably less in the video than in the Photoshopped pics.

Well, have you seen this video? I haven’t, and you’d think that Armani would want to release it… if this footage were flattering to the subject at hand.

Obviously, Armani digitally enhances Becks’ package to do the following: (1) Encourage massive puddles of drool from straight women and gay men; (2) Foster the false belief that if men wear Armani underwear, their crotch will automagically look just like Becks’ package.

It is okay to look like Becks, don’t sound like him. Thanks you and good evening.

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Two more shots from Beckham’s Armani underwear campaign have been quietly released and we have these two exclusive picture for your viewing pleasure.

Have fun.

Another reason for Victoria Beckham not to smile for another 987631548734598156 years.

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David Beckham may alter his deal with Pepsi to launch his own brand of bottled water, according to a source at UK tabloid The Mirror:

“David Beckham has had a fantastic relationship with Pepsi – it’s one of the longest running contracts in its history. But after 10 years he feels there are other things he could do. He is a global brand in himself and there is more scope for him to promote his own products. He has an idea for creating a range of healthy products, including water. That’s something PepsiCo might develop with him. David is keen to go down the healthy route to keep in with his sporty image. And Pepsi is desperate to keep him.”

Well, this we think wil surely go out and sell millions. unlike his wife who plans to sell shit at over a thousand bucks and have her not smiling at you when she passes you that “costume”.

Anyway below is a classic Pepsi ad in 2005 featuring the bootylicious Beyonce, the Queen of Booty, Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham himself.

(Image/Video: Towleroad, Youtube)

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GT got the making of the ad, and the first release ad of Sharpie’s Pen.And he’s so sexy, sassy, rich, and good with children. He’s GOD.

Watch Below for the making of the ad and the finished product :

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Becks will be in San Francisco tonight where he will show off several pictures from the new Emporio Armani panties campaign.

We are sure he i using some help considering that the package looks quite obscenely big for a Mickey Mouse like himself.

And Victoria is seriously lying when she did claim that she is a lucky girl who has a husband who has a…has a…has a…big appendage.

We just think because she is so skinny, a toothpic entering her vag would feel like a tree trunk.

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AOL has named the 15 hottest dads in Hollywood. And of course, Brad Pitt topped the list. Naturally. Here is your top 15:

1. Brad Pitt

2. David Beckham
3. Johnny Depp
4. Will Smith
5. Matt Damon
6. Ryan Phillipe
7. Ben Affleck
8. Joel Madden
9. Seal
10. Patrick Dempsey
11. Barack Obama

12. Gavin Rossdale
13. Tom Cruise
14. Tobey McGuire
14. Mark Consuelos

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David Beckham was accosted by a male fan at an L.A. Galaxy-Colorado Rapids match-up yesterday. After grabbing Beckham and being thrown to the field the fan was knocked down by teammate Chris Klein, and taken away by security shortly thereafter.

Said Beckham: “I was slightly concerned when I first saw him running at me because he didn’t have a smile on his face and he didn’t have a Galaxy shirt on. So I didn’t know if he was going to come and give me a hug or something else. These things happen in games all over the world. Luckily, he just wanted to give me a high five and that was the end of it.”

More reasons for Victoria Beckham not to smile for another 987632567597136 years.
Here is the video:

(Image/Video: Towleroad, Youtube)

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I mean, who isn’t.

Eva Longoria was not her usual self, while cheering for hubby Tony Parker. Maybe she’s so sick and tired of her life, going on to events without her husband. She is jealous of Victoria Beckham, because Beckham is a sports person as well, but he’s always around Victoria as and when he could find the time to be with her.

For Eva, maybe now she knows her only love is MARIO LOPEZ.


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