June 1, 2008

Demi Moore:

Sagging Breast – Check
Flabby Arms – Check
Double Chin – Check
Growing Waist – Check

$500,000 worth of plastic surgery all in vain now isn’t it?

Ashton Kutcher:

Pubic-like Facial Hair – Check
Gained A Whole Lot Of Weight – Check
Looks Annoying As Usual – Check
Milf Hunter – Check

Not a MILF now is she. Well maybe if it becomes Mothers I Like To Fist

(Image: DListed)

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Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher says he is considering a career in porn films because he thinks people starring in such movies are more popular.

Kutcher jokingly said that he envies porn star Jenna Jameson.
Kutcher, who has just finished working on a sex comedy, said, “I made a sort of a porno-pseudo-comedy movie. So maybe I’ll do some more porno. It worked for Jenna Jameson.”

He added, “I was actually in London last week and they knew who Ron Jeremy was. He’s a famous porn star in London as well. I didn’t realise that porn stars were famous in other countries. I thought London had their own. Apparently, they don’t. I think we have, as a country, kind of a corner on that market. So I was thinking about venturing that way a little further.”

we all know HE WANTS TO BE IN A PORN MOVIE, because he is sick and tired of DEMI MOORE’S SAGGY VAGINA


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Hocus Pocus.

Yes, Demi Moore covers herself in blood-sucking leeches to keep her skin lookingfresh.The actress – who, at 45, is 15 years older than husband Ashton Kutcher – isa huge fan of a detox treatment which involves the unpleasant creaturesbeing placed on her body.

She said: “I feel like I’ve always been someone looking for the cutting edgeof things that optimize your health and healing.”

After that , she uses the black leeches to cast a spell on Ashton, so that he could love her saggy vagina.

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