Can you belive the amount of exposure you get just by attending THIS WORLD PREMIERE.
Veterans and old hags like Juhi chawla, goddess Sri Devi, and others went to support the debutant , UNEXPECTED GUEST AND PARTY CRASHES ALSO WENT. Look at the segments below :

Shamita, don’t rain on our parade, we love your sister you just have to try harder. And Sohail, errr you are here becasue ??? Oh, because you would want to be the hero to stop the fight, if ever your brother would want to punch AAMIR KHAN..
Juhi Chawla, you’rs so old and cold-poor thing, trying to wrap yourself, don’t waoory take baby steps na. And Sameera Reddy, Race dosen’t make you an A LIST : )


Wow Sonam After missing out on awrad shows, and awards, and ENDORSEMENTS, you mange to put yourself together to get out of the house. WOW, we give you not a round of applause but 2 claps for effort. And vidya, really babe, GO TO SLEEP. This is not the DISCO ERA, its a red carpet. Not the carpet to roll yourself and sleep like a pig.
Rakhi Sawant is in cloud 9 when Aamir came to her talk show, so, what else. YOu need moreguest in your guest list robe in RAKHI SAWANT. And oh, Raveena Tandon WHO IS COMING BACK TO MOVIES- AND VERY PICKY OF FIlMS. SO YAH HIRE RAVEENA TANDON.

I’m choosing to ignore that Kunal kapoor is here because of Sonam Kapoor, but he is here to promote himself, he got ALOT OF ENDORESMENT ON HIS BELT BUT NO MOVIES. and oh Jiah khan just says HI, and come watch her new film with Aamir Khan : )
DARSHEEL: I love Aamir, I lOve Aamir, I Love Aamir mamu
GLITERRI GUESTS: that includes veterans, who really SUPPORT THE FILM, and COME IN FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.



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Who likes the Bachchans? everyone gets so ACID about the bachchans.

Oh! Harman Baweja, he looks so comfortable this time round.
When Z listers promote thier movie, everyone just sits in silence, because serioulsy there is nothing to talk about. UNLESS YOU HAVE A SEX TAPE .. Hint Hint.
There’s too much of the Bachchans, We took this picture, so that you can see AKSHAY KUMAR , sitting by silently to promote the UNFORGETTABLE TOUR. We love you AKSHAY… PLEASE COME TO SINGAPORE

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The ever so glory BACHCHANS. The only awards show this year where they don’t mourn.
Kareena going all casual and that zlister as well, trying to upstage her. BUT CAN’T


All the reporters wanna kill AISHWARYA.

Priyanka Chopra, looking stunnig wih that silky number

Karan Johar, suave?
Vivek Oberoi clean?
Diya Mirza the bomb? time bomb?
Hrithik nehi, Harman yo yo!
Ritesh, na na
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Of course the BACHCHANS will come, AMitabh endorse the IFFA BRAND. Everything is about the bachchans. The kapoors are no where in sight now…still waiting for more picture. And oh anyway, it’s a big day for them because they will premiere SARKAR RAJ HERE IN BANGKOK..
Katrina looks “relief” because she is gonna zara zara touch touch with AKSHAY, and SALMAN will be nowhere in sight.

The ever muscular Vivek Oberoi. He’s ready to wow the audience, We can’t wait for AISH REACTIONS.

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Well, here is one actress who surely knows how to give those learnt by heart answers but is really bad in common sense and most general of knowledge. Dia Mirza, the actress who had represented India in international beauty pageant, doesn’t even know the easiest of history of her own country.

The girl, who is seen giving cheesy answers while talking about her movie, couldn’t answer when asked the question “Whose was the famous slogan ‘You give me blood and I’ll give you freedom’?” Even an average paanchvi fail knows that the person was the great freedom fighter, Subhash Chandra Bose. Dia however didn’t even have a slightest idea and acted as if she had heard the slogan for the first time.

Also, there was no sign of guilty or shame on her face either for not knowing one’s owns country’s elementary school level’s history.Well, we have surely found one “paanchvi fail champu” in our bollywood!!!


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Former Miss India and Bollywood’s petite beauty, Diya Mirza will be seen in an absolutely new role in White Weather’s Films’ ‘Acid Factory’. The actress will play the role of a tough girl, wielding a gun and terrorizing everybody.



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Sanjay Gupta’s much waited and hyped flick, Acid Factory, will showcase Dia Mirza as ‘sex bomb’ replacing its previously finalized diva Bipasha Basu.
With elapsing time and increasing expectation from audience Bipasha had already visualized the releasing day of the flick. The proud Dia, replacing the bong beau, exclaims, “In all my previous films I have portrayed common and very normal girls.
I am quite happy and excited about my present offer of a sexy and hot character with which I can play a completely different role from my previous ones.”
Being the only heroine to show her glitz amongst the six Bollywoody hunks, Dia is already flying high in the sky. She underlines the fact that having no other feminine competitor in the flick she is doubly sure of getting all the whistles and winking gazes at herself only.
The character she is portraying in the film will be known as Deadly Max. “She is such a character who doesn’t regret any of her wrongdoings and never wish to explain them to anyone else.
I have done all my stunt scenes in the film myself only. During the shoot I got the chance of playing with guns for the first time in my life and I really enjoyed it”, Dia explains exuberantly.
It’s very usual that while there is only one flower amongst many thorns, the flower is subjected to attract attention. Dia, in the same way, will surely catch eyeballs.

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