Lara Dutta and Dino Morea’s love story is getting hotter by the day. We feel it’s now just a matter of time when the two come out in the open about their relationship. Bollywood has been abuzz with rumours about Lara Dutta and Dino Morea seeing each other.

Their so-called friendship reached a new height recently when Dino surprised Lara in far away Bahamas by dropping in on her sets unexpectedly. He spent a few days and some quality time with her.

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Who likes the Bachchans? everyone gets so ACID about the bachchans.

Oh! Harman Baweja, he looks so comfortable this time round.
When Z listers promote thier movie, everyone just sits in silence, because serioulsy there is nothing to talk about. UNLESS YOU HAVE A SEX TAPE .. Hint Hint.
There’s too much of the Bachchans, We took this picture, so that you can see AKSHAY KUMAR , sitting by silently to promote the UNFORGETTABLE TOUR. We love you AKSHAY… PLEASE COME TO SINGAPORE

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There’s definitely more to Dino Morea apart from the recent two flops Bhram and Anamika to his credit. He’s all set to produce a film, in which he will cast himself in the lead role opposite Kareena Kapoor.

Though Kareena has agreed to do the film she has yet to sign the dotted lines. Dino confirmed the news but was not willing to reveal details. He said, “My film is an adaptation of a very successful play from the UK.At this stage, I cannot give more details as there is always someone to pull the rug from under your feet.”

However, coax Dino a bit more and he spills the beans. “The play, directed by Pravesh was a hit in the UK. I believe in his talent hence I’ve signed him to direct my first feature film based on his own play.”

Pravesh has directed two plays Deranged Marriage and Something about Simi and the film will be based on either of these.Dino is cautious in his approach because of an unpleasant experience in the past. Last year, Dino had signed Shamim Desai, the director of Auroville 316, (starring Kelly Dorjee and Meghna Reddy), to direct his first feature film. However, his project did not take off as he was left high and dry by Desai.

How did he convince Kareena to do the film? Dino said that he had bonded with her during the shoot of an Ad in Rajasthan, which Dino produced. Says Dino, “

Karan Johar had played the lead with Kareena in the ad.It was then that I made her promise that when I produce a film, she will have to be my co-star. Coincidently the director of my first film also zeroed in on Kareena.”

But why Kareena? “Kareena suits the role to a T,” he says. “It’s almost like the role was etched for her. In fact the play is named after her character.”

Dino is so gung-ho about his first home production that he turned down many films. He says, “Initially, I did films to earn money but now that my needs are met, I need to build a body of work, and not just my body.”

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On the face of it seems like IIFA is not attracting the big-time sponsors. But they have a fairly large star cast performing in Bangkok. Priyanka and her beau Harman (who’s making his stage debut) will showcase a song from Love Story 2050. Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaid, Govinda and Kareena Kapoor have promised to perform.

Aftab Shivadsani, Ritesh Deshmukh and Ayesha Takia andvare there to promote their venture De Taali. Zayed khan, Vivek Oberoi and Shriya sahan are there as a part of the Mission Istanbul cast. And the first look of Acid Factory with Dia Mirza, Dino Morea and Fardeen Khan will be revealed on stage.

Let’s hope the IIFA awards go smoothly without any mudslinging which seems to have become an integral part of award functions.

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Lara Dutta, you are one of the best Miss Universes ever. You have a flourishing career in Bollywood. You’re fucking Dino Morea. You’re body is perfect.

But why oh why did you have to wear such costumes? You look tarty and cheap. The makeup makes you look like a character in Tim Burton’s animated movies.

Fire your stylists, apologize for the hideous get-up.


(Image: Bollywood Hungama)

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April 22, 2008

Dino Morea is nothing if not a clued in guy and all wired up. He is the proud owner of nearly all the product series you name in the market, and never seems to have enough of them.
He already had the i-pod and the i-phone, and now has gone and bought himself a brand new Macbook Air.
He dimpled wickedly and said, “It is unbelievable how light in weight it is…it has all the features that I always wanted and which are really exciting to learn and explore, especially with its track-pad.”
And then he goes and download Bipasha Basu’s wallpapers. Ok that part we made it up.
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Lara Dutta is dating none other than Dino Morea. Who is BIPASHA BASU’s Exboyfriend.

That’s right sweethearts, Lara and Dino are so much into each other, they have little or no room for anyone else. So now, you know!

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