Chace Crawford knows he has a hot bod, but he doesn’t want you to think that’s all he’s got going for him.

Just to prevent that opinion, he challenges the choices of Gossip Girl producers when they want him to be topless in scenes.”

There was an episode where we were crashed out on the sofa after a big night out and they wanted me to wake up in my boxers, so I argued with them about it,” he said. “

I mean, first of all, who gets wasted with their buddy, and smokes weed and then strips down to their boxers before they pass out on the couch?”

You do Chacey. And the buddy you are talking about is Eddie.

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Screw the body language thing.

Just look at Ed’s face. He is sooooooooo totally eyeing onhis boyfriend. He must be thinking, oh damn I want you in me so bad right now Chace…

Even the other dude is all eyes on Chace.

Here is the awesome duo at a recent shooting of Gossip Girl.

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Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively says that she doesn’t understand why some people would compare her to Paris Hilton.

“Since I have a dog and blond hair, that must mean we’re alike. It’s a dumb thing to say. I don’t think that makes us similar,” she says in Seventeen magazine.

“I don’t know her, but I don’t like being compared to anyone by somebody who doesn’t know me. I’m my own person. I don’t go to clubs, I don’t party, I don’t dance on tables and I don’t like sex tapes,” she adds.

C’mon babe, not everybody who is blonde, has a dog, dances on tables, goes clubbing and has a sex tape is Paris Hilton. There are millions out there. So shut the fuck up. Wait, you’re blonde, that is why you say nasty stupid things like that. Don go hating on Paris Hilton.

You know what, it’s true. You are not Paris Hilton, you don’t have shit loads of money and you obviously don’t have a boyfriend who wants to tattoo your face on his body.

Pen Badgely would never do that. He is too busy trying to be in a threesome with Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford.

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Resident Gossip Girl bad boy Ed Westwick celebrates his 21st birthday at TAO Night Club inside the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas on Friday.

Where is Chace. AWWWWW…he will come as a surprise? That is soooo sweet.

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June 28, 2008

There have been endless rumors of Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick from ‘Gossip Girl’ hooking up. There were even blind-items on the NY Post and NY Daily News that hinted the two co-stars were more than work buddies and roommates. “These endless rumors are absolutely untrue,” his rep says. If y’all

Chace’s rep is the first to deny the rumors of the two guys being in a remember, Chace was also rumored to be hooking up with JC Chasez, which he obviously denied.

The Rush & Malloy blind item said: What two hunky actors are refraining from any public displays of affection now that spies on their set are suggesting they’re more than friends?

Speaking of Ed and Chace, it was Ed’s 21st birthday celebration last night at club TAO in Las Vegas and Chace will be accompanying Ed. If anyone saw them making out and has pictures, be sure to send us those pics!

Oh these two better start preparing for their “Yes, I’m Gay” speech.
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Perez Hilton had been contacted by entertainment reporters – within days of each other – from the NY Post and the NY Daily News.

They both wanted to share a juicy piece of info – too juicy to print, they said.

Seems like on-set sources, which the pubs tell us are reliable, have told each paper that Chace Crawford and Gossip Girl co-star and real-life roommate Ed Westwick are in a relationship and not trying to hide it, at least on set.

BOTH NY papers teold Perez that Chace and Ed were recently seen kissing, open-mouthed on set (in Chace’s trailer).

The Post and Daily News both declined to publish this item because they don’t like to “out” people.

And you know how Perez is often accuratein outing closeted queens.

Oh Chace. Come on now darling, there is no more time to waste. We will accept you with open arms.

Does that mean that Jc Chasez has to declare himself too?? And don’t you dare forget about Wentworth Miller. Stop breaking our of prisons now. Break out of the close that is what you should do.

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June 20, 2008

Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass, shoots a new beach scene in a pair of short shorts and multi-colored loafers.

A shirtless Penn Badgley puts on a cape and gets his hair trimmed before filming a scene for Gossip Girl, on location in the Hamptons, New York on Thursday.

Chace Crawford was spotted smirking for photogs as he walked to set.

All along while looking gay.

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