We know. Like totally unpredictable right???

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Possibly BEFORE

Possibly AFTER

Not everyone is born with a perfect body and skin like Charlize Theron, who has adamantly spoken against photoshopping her pictures in the past. Elizabeth Hurley, on the other hand, has said that she welcomes a little tweak especially when she is asked to sport a white bikini.

“Shooting bikinis is now my life, which is unmitigated hell. But if you signed on for the gig, sadly you have to go and be jolly in a skimpy white bikini. So now I rely on nice photographers and a certain amount of retouching. Every time I download my holiday snaps I go over them.”

You look the same bitch, before and after photoshop. You are just born gorgeous. Stop talking like you are the worst looking asshole ever. You make us normal people look like disfigured trolls.

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