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Eva Mendes checked her hot ass into Utah’s Cirque Lodge rehab facility last January for “personal issues.” Star Magazine (via SF Gate) claims Eva was actually researching a film role. Eva plays a Spanish drug lord in the movie “Queen of the South.” Her character flees Mexico for Spain when her drug-runner boyfriend is murdered.

An acting coach told the magazine, “It’s not unusual at all for an actor or actress to go to the extreme of checking into rehab to prepare for a character. In fact, I would encourage that for my students, because you want to fully immerse yourself in the role.”

We believe you. Not.
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February 2, 2008

Eva Mendes In Rehab

Hello Eva. Why, you have checked yourself into a rehab for substance abuse? At the Cirque Lodge? Isn’t that the same place Lindsay Lohan went? P
sych wards are in. Screw rehab. And substance abuse? What did you do? Smelled the glue to stick your Jimmy Choos together? Not Classy girlfriend. Not classy. Well at least you are milesbetter than that Alba whore.
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