She looks ready to pop. Like 2 months ago. But alas, Gwen Stefani still has not popped. Just how big will her stomach grow. Oh god.

Our backs feel painful just by looking at her.

(Image: Hollywood Rag)

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No, not Gwen Stefani and the No Doubts but Mr Gavin Rossadle. He’s gearing up to release his solo debut album wanderlust on june 3rd – below is the video for his first single love remains the same .
We thought the video had the same theme elements from No Doubt, “Underneath It All”.
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She and her boys went to the zoo during the mother’s day weekend.Gwen sure knows how to loook stunning, even just goin to out to the zoo. She still dresses up properly. UNLIKE.

Who used to look like a whore got pregnant.


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April 22, 2008

They do not resort to wearing shades in the middle of the fucking damn night neither do they have any relations to aliens or whatsoever. They are normal people and normal people should be left alone.

Gwen stefani and husband looks smashing and Eva needs a slap. Just because she has an anooying face. Hua hua hua.

(Image: Just Jared)

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Gwen Stefani has just posted the following update to the official No Doubt message board.
She says:

“Hey No Doubters
Been thinking so much about you all lately as I am back in the studio again with the boys trying to write some new music. What an amazing few years it has been. So inspired going through the dance record phase of my life. Thank you so much for all your support! The tour was incredible. We ended up doing over 100 shows around the world and it was so rewarding and again inspiring. Thank you to everyone who came out to see it…memories for life! Great to be home with with all my boys. Feels crazy to be pregnant all over again!!!!! We have been spending every day up in the little studio in our house trying to write music. My favorite part so far is just seeing the guys everyday and hanging out. We have so much fun together. The songwriting part is a bit slow on my part…I think it has something to do with the baby in my belly but I’m sure it is all of the process and I really believe this could be the most inspired No Doubt record so far. Cant wait to see what happens. All my love g”
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