Really priyanaka, you were a Miss World, that doesnt mean you have to follow all the Miss WOrld around you, particularly Aish. We prefer YOU actually so don’t spoil it. That dress, that hairstyle that accent. Just Watch it aite!!!

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We also have the movie dates and timing, all for our london viewers out there…waddup y’all.

Love Story 2050Drama/Musical/Romance/Science fiction – Hindi – IMDb
Cineworld Staples CornerGeron Way, London, NW2 6LW, UK – Map20:40
Vue Cinemas Croydon Grant’s14 High St., Croydon, CR0 1GT, UK – Map12:40 16:20 20:00
Vue Cinemas ActonWestern Ave., London, W3 0PA, UK – Map20:00
Vue Cinemas HarrowSt. George’s hopping & Leisure Centre, Harrow, HA1 1AS, UK – Map13:50 17:30 21:20

(Images: PinkVilla)

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Here are the exclusive pictures during thier press conference in LONDON. Exclusive from INDIAFM.

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Deepika Padukone is special to Harman Baweja and so is Karan Johar. The two have specially flown to London to attend the premiere of Love Story 2050 which will be held this evening at Cineworld, Feltham in London. Harman Baweja is excited and said, “There is nothing like friends and the film fraternity supporting your debut venture. I am elated that they have made my big night so special”. Harman will also be meeting his namesake, Harman Baweja at the premiere. His third cousin, Harman will be flying out from Canada especially for the premiere and this get together will be a first for the two.


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Every filmmaker desires to work with superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Recently, Madhur Bhandarkar expressed his willingness to direct Big B and now it’s the turn of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He had once directed him in Black and again wishes to cast him in his forthcoming film Chenab Ghandhi.

Talking about his venture with Bhansali, Big B says, “It will be inappropriate to talk about the project as we are just discussing its script. But, yes I was approached to do the film and it will be directed by his assistant, while Bhansali will produce it.” It’s titled Chenab Gandhi. At present, he is busy shooting for Alladin and yet to give his dates to Bhansali.The film will also star the next door gal Vidya Balan and debutante Harman Baweja


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Harman will be present along with the cast and crew of his debut film Love Story 2050 at the grand premiere of his film scheduled to take place in London.Bollywood Hungama spoke to an excited Harman who shared all the details of the grand premiere, “I am really looking forward to the world premiere of my film Love Story 2050 in London. The premiere is on Wednesday July 2, 2008 at the Cineworld theatre in Feltham. This is the same place where the premiere of Krrish was held few years ago”

But why London for the premiere? “It was something which we had planned six months in advance. I believe my entire team has already done a lot of promotions in India. There are many Indians living in London who are as much into Bollywood as we are and we thought it would be absolutely unfair for us not to come there and share our film with them and hence we decided to have the world premiere in London. So far I have received an extremely warm response from people in London, be it through e-mails or phone calls and I am really looking forward to the premiere”

So who all are going to be present for the special night? “Well myself, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Dad (Harry Baweja) and Mom (Pammi Baweja) would be there along with Mr. Khetarpal from Adlabs (who are also the producers of the film). Besides, I have a lot of family members in London. I am a Punjabi so there are lots of distant relatives of mine who stay in and around London. They are all really excited about the premiere happening there and even I am looking forward to catching up with some of my cousins after a long time


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We understand , you need as much publicity as you can. First to promote Harman Baweja, and to promote that hot bod of priyanka. Priyanka was spotting the same dress when she wore it last January. spot the similarity, and boy Priyanka has loose ALOT OF WEIGHT. She have been looking very sofisticated lately, we are impressed.

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She is the wittiest and she have even call Bipasha Basu “black cat”, that makes her “white pussy-cat”. Whatever that means. But we have told you that Kareena was supposedly to play opposite Harman Baweja in Love story 2050, which she took it down because of other commitments. Or in this case, she do not want to dampen her careere to start of with Harman whose a debutanat. It’s always risky. But of course, MISS 2nd HAND PRIYANKA always scoop the 2nd hand roles.

Never the less, Harman made it clear that there are no tiff or sitff between he and kareena. So he says. But we do not belive him. Coz Kareena Kapoor hates BOTH HARMAN AND PRIYANKA. Kareena said don’t take koffe with karan personally, but bebo it’s on TV, not like on camera or in writing that you can edit and delete.

Here’s the viddy:

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Remember 4th of July, 4th of July, 4th Of July, 4th Of July..

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Newcomer Harman Baweja gave a scintillating performance at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards function in Bangkok, but not many know he was in deep pain just hours before the show.

While rehearsing back stage, Harman slipped and fell, twisting his right leg.

Recalling the incident with a shudder, Harman says: ‘This was my worst nightmare come true. I had always imagined what it would be like if I got injured just before a performance. But my first performance? Come on, have mercy.’

Harman’s first reaction was panic. ‘I felt something had definitely broken. My instant reaction was, ‘Oh God, I won’t be able to go on stage. What would people say? They’d think I chickened out.’ There was no way I was going to pull out.’

On seeing the leg bruised and swollen, the budding actor knew his worst fears had come true.

‘I sat staring at my leg and so did everyone else. What now? That was everyone’s thought as paramedics rushed in with bags full of medicine. I was in acute pain. The first thing I did was to have a painkiller that I had brought from Mumbai. But that wasn’t enough.’
At this point, magic happened behind-the-scenes.

‘A paramedic took out a spray and before I could protest, sprayed my leg profusely. The pain was gone!! My next question to the medicos was, if I dance would it injure my knee permanently? No way was I going on stage if I was going to have a troubled knee for the rest of my life.

‘I was told that if I don’t dance my leg would heal in two weeks and if I do, it would take a month. So I went on stage as per schedule with a paramedic standing out of stage range… just in case.’
Fortunately for Harman, who debuts in the much-hyped futuristic film ‘Love Story 2050′, his performance went like a dream.

Did the bad leg force the newcomer to change his rehearsed steps?

‘Only once, I stopped for a second when I wasn’t supposed to. No one noticed. I danced to the best of my abilities and the response was overwhelming. But I’ll never forget my first stage performance. Hopefully the ones to follow will be smoother,’ the actor said.

We love you already Harman.

(Image: Filmicafe)

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