Sir Paul McCartney’s 41-year-old ex-wife—who landed a £24million divorce deal in March —met beefy holiday rep Jamie Walker, 36, when she stayed at the Tenerife hotel where he works.
She fell for him after she saw him caring for daughter Beatrice at the kids club. The couple have been out on dates there and in her hometown Brighton.
Last night Jamie told us: “I’m under strict instructions not to talk about this.”
Lonely Heather swooned over toyboy Jamie when she saw the 6ft 2in muscleman playing gently with her daughter.
Jamie took four-year-old Beatrice, Mucca’s daughter by Sir Paul McCartney, under his wing while acting as kids’ rep at the hotel.
And our exclusive pictures show how close Jamie has now become to Heather and her daughter.In pictures taken in Tenerife he looks on attentively as Heather talks to Beatrice and helps the youngster negotiate some steps.
He is also pictured chatting intently to Heather at a cafe on a recent visit to Brighton. Beatrice was playing nearby, looked after by a bodyguard. Last night Jamie told us:
“I’m under strict instructions not to talk to you about this.But I guess you already know it all then. Just be nice about me.”
Last night a friend revealed: “Heather is completely infatuated with Jamie. He is a gym junkie and Heather has been boasting his body is so much fitter than Paul’s.
“She likes the way he is with Beatrice and his gentle manner towards her. That has played a major part in their blossoming relationship.

She has one leg. SHe will beat you with the other.

(Image: News Of The World)
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March 19, 2008

Heather Mills giving GOOD advice, to settle your own divorce seetlement as fast as posible. and do alot of RESEARCH.


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For Heather Mills, the $50 million divorce settlement she was awarded this morning is apparently not enough.

Her friends say she is ‘seriously considering’ filing an appeal. Mucca is unhappy with the amount and with the guardianship arrangements for her and Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter Beatrice.
She supposedly expected to get more money otherwise she would have settled months ago.
A ‘close’ friend says, “But it’s not really about the money. She is more upset about who will care for Beatrice if both she and Paul died. They both want different people to look after Bea and it appears Paul has got his way.”

That amount of money can be used to buy a charity organization itself fucking cunt. God. Never have we seen such a money haggler like her?! Someone should rip off her prosthetic leg and beat the crap out of her and send her to oblivion.

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Rich Cunt

March 18, 2008

US$50 million. Yeap. The amount of her divorce settlement. Cunt says she is pleased with the decision and that her daughter’s future and hers are secured and she plans to donate some of it to charity. Yeah probably the charity for gold digging one legged bitches.

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