Mario Lopez turned down a $200,000 offer to pose nude for Playgirl. The magazine approached him after seeing his buff bod photographed on the beach. But Mario’s comment makes me think that it’s not an absolute no. It’s just a no for right now.
“It’s not something for me at the moment.” That was what he said.

Not at the moment? So will he do it in the future? Please save our eyes. He probably has a small dick and he SHAVES down there looking like a nine year old boy.

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By all standards, the movie is soooo going to kick ass….

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The gay media watchdogs over at GLAAD are bent out of shape because Will Smith’s titular character in Hancock uses the word “homo.” Thrice!!

At approximately 24 minutes into the film, while Jason Bateman’s PR whiz works to rehabilitate the superhero’s tarnished image, he shows Hancock three comic book images in an effort to inspire him. But Hancock rejects the traditional image of costumed superheroes as he responds to each one: “Homo. Homo in red. Norwegian homo.”

The audience is prompted to laugh and there is no response to or retribution for Hancock’s remarks. Bateman’s character, the father of a young son, could have easily spoken up instead of giving Hancock a pass.…Rated PG-13, Hancock is being marketed to families, teens and young adults. This film certainly presents an opportunity for parents to explain to their kids that the usually entertaining character of Hancock is not modeling good behavior. But let’s get real: Hancock’s use of the slur sends a problematic message that it’s okay to discriminate using such hateful words.

Publicity, publicity, publicity.

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Chace Crawford knows he has a hot bod, but he doesn’t want you to think that’s all he’s got going for him.

Just to prevent that opinion, he challenges the choices of Gossip Girl producers when they want him to be topless in scenes.”

There was an episode where we were crashed out on the sofa after a big night out and they wanted me to wake up in my boxers, so I argued with them about it,” he said. “

I mean, first of all, who gets wasted with their buddy, and smokes weed and then strips down to their boxers before they pass out on the couch?”

You do Chacey. And the buddy you are talking about is Eddie.

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Possibly engaged and/or secretly married couple Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are reportedly expecting their second child. The couple had their first baby, Alexander, in July of last year and the 39-year-old actress is allegedly in her second trimester, according to Us Weekly.


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According to Kim’s blog she’s always dreamed of starting her own perfume business. Well, she still hasn’t done that, but she has slapped her name on a bottle of for New Wave Fragrances.

You so knooooow that someone will ask her to come up with her own line of perfume sooner orlater. But heck, she is so hot I don’t mind wearing a female perfume and risk being called a bloody skank.
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July 3, 2008

Alex Rodriguez’s wife, Cynthia, has finally left him after a tumultuous three months in their five year marriage. This news comes two days after reports of A-Rod having an affair with Madonna and one day after reports of Cynthia having an affair with Lenny Kravitz.

Today, the NYDN says Lenny Kravitz is merely giving Cynthia a place to stay.

“There is absolutely no affair between Cynthia Rodriguez and myself,” Kravitz said. “This is unequivocally 100 percent not true.”

Kravitz said references to him as an adulterer were “extremely hurtful,” adding that Cynthia came to stay at his home “to escape from everything happening in New York City.”

So who is fucking who. Tell me. Oh god where have the simple straightforwardness gone too in this world. Everybody is speaking in codes. Damn the DAVINCI code.

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So, someone who works at Petit Tresor has apparently blabbed again to a tabloid about some celebrity’s baby news. Someone who works at the high-end baby boutique told OK! Magazine that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are expecting a boy.

The snitch said, “They made it very clear that it was a boy. Almost everything [they picked out] is blue.” This is referring to their registry list, which also included little baby t-shirts and bibs with the words “yummy,” “loved,” and “hunk” embroidered on them.

They forgot other important bibs like fag, emo, ikissboys, boyskissme, eyeliner lover, fall out boy is my god, you can get outta my head, jessica the tramp is my aunt y’all etc.
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Angelina Jolie shows she’s still very much pregnant, waving to photographers from her room at the Lenval Hospital in Nice, southern France on Wednesday.

According to reports, the 33-year-old actress has a suite of rooms reserved for her, partner Brad Pitt and the kids.

Angie was admitted to the hospital Sunday afternoon and will remain there until she gives birth to her twins.

“Brad and Angelina want everyone to know that everything is going well,” her obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussmann, announced yesterday.

HOWEVER, some are saying that is probably a body double and it in not ANGELINA JOLIE AT ALL since she has a large cross tattooed on her lower pelvis.

Seriously, if you are going to be pregnant be simplistic about it. Don’t go around creating this whole ruckus about your unborn baby, or already born or whatever, fuck it, I’m tired of all this.

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TMZ claims that Britney Spears is texting Adnan Ghalib and complaining about how “controlling” her conservator dad is being.

In addition to the constant texting, “Toxic” singer Britney Spears has been allegedly sneaking her paparazzo boyfriend into her gated community The Summit for under-the-radar trysts.

It is a vicious cycle. Somebody go to her house and slap her.
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