We think its a good strategy for the debutant Harman Baweja. Look at Deepika Pundokone, the Om Shanti Om london premiere did wonders for her.

Harry Baweja has no plan to host a premiere of his forthcoming film featuring his son Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra in Mumbai. He is reportedly premiering the film in London instead of Mumbai. Harry’s film and Aamir Khan’s film Jane tu ya Jane Na is going to release on a same day. Rather than take on Aamir Khan and his nephew Imran’s no-holds-barred launch pad Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na headlong, the Bawejas have decided to do away with their Mumbai premiere for the magnum opus, Love Story 2050.Harry didn’t want to embarrass or inconvenience their guests by forcing them to make a choice between the two films or rushing between the two venues.
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Who likes the Bachchans? everyone gets so ACID about the bachchans.

Oh! Harman Baweja, he looks so comfortable this time round.
When Z listers promote thier movie, everyone just sits in silence, because serioulsy there is nothing to talk about. UNLESS YOU HAVE A SEX TAPE .. Hint Hint.
There’s too much of the Bachchans, We took this picture, so that you can see AKSHAY KUMAR , sitting by silently to promote the UNFORGETTABLE TOUR. We love you AKSHAY… PLEASE COME TO SINGAPORE

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(Image: Filmi Cafe)

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