Jake Gyllenhaal has quietly moved into Reese Witherspoon’s $5 million L.A. home, reports Us Weekly.

“Jake keeps his things at Reese’s house and uses it at his home base most of the time,” an insider reveals. “They literally don’t want to spend any time away from each other.”

But with Reese’s daughter Ava, 8, and son Deacon, 3, the couple has to be careful.

“Reese is very content with where things are right now,” a Witherspoon pal says. “She has her career, her kids and a fantastic relationship. [And] she has been careful to work in Jake into her childrens’ lives slowly. She knows her kids already have a daddy.”

At least you know Ryan Phillipe won’t go around poking needles on a voodoo doll with Jake’s face on it.

Or go to Oprah and proclaim that he is in a safe place.

Or walk the dog like 97653487612635 times a day.


We don’t practice subtlety do we?

(Image: Just Jared)

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Brokeback Mountain is being turned into an opera!

The New York City Opera commissioned Charles Wuorinen to compose an opera based on the short story that became the hit film.

The opera is scheduled to premiere in the spring of 2013.

Oh we so dig macho cowboys singing opera. Not.

Well at least it has no turned into a musical. That would be utterly engrossing to watch.

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Jake Gyllenhaal tops the poll for 100 Gay Icons for a second time from afterelton.com.

The website said:

What accounts for Jake’s ongoing appeal to gay men?

His doe-eyed, boy next door (yet somehow smouldering) looks certainly don’t hurt, but we suspect what really makes gay men for for him is that he doesn’t have an issue going for us. From playing gay in Brokeback to appearing at a GLAAD award show to not feeling the need to distance himself from his gay fans (remember the shout out to us done in drag on Saturday Night Live?), Jake has done as much as any actor to show straight guys there isn’t a good reason to be afraid of gay guys (or gay roles).”

Jake has many upcoming projects showcasing his range of willingness to tackle a variety of different roles. Unfortunately for the gay community, none of them have him playing gay again. This December, Jake will be starring in director Jim Sheridan’s drama Brothers, then in 2009 moviegoers will see him tackle the romantic comedy Nailed before playing Dastan in Prince of Persia (based on the video game of the same name).

Here is a list of the top 10 gay icons. For the rest of the top 100 click here.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal

2. John Barrowman
3. Luke McFarlane
4. Cheyenne Jackson
5. Neil Patrick Harris
6. Gale Harold
7. Van Hansis
8. Chris Evans
9. Anderson Cooper
10. Ryan Reynolds

Where is T.R. Knight? Clay Aiken? Lance Bass? Reichen? Perez Hilton? Where??? Ricky Martin? And all the boys from Gossip Girls? WHERE???

(Images: After Elton)

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How adorable is adorable.
Dating old woman are so in, coz they make young boys like JAKE BE A REAL BOY.


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Move Over, Kate Beckinsal and Hubby, Posh And Becks. because we are so sick of royalty couples, and now we have the low key sexiest beast and beasties going on a double date.

Sources have reported that Cameron Diaz and Gerard Butler along with Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gylenhall had a double date. And all goes well, and merry at tinsel land.
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This Looks AMAZING

March 13, 2008

Give them props, they’re the next Brad And Angelina. Though they do not need to adopt kids, thry are so perfect for each other. Its so adorably sick to see them together these days : )

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