Wow, how awful is the headline.Jamie Lynn Spears and the entertainment industry are to blame fault, at least two young mothers in the mostly blue-collar, Catholic fishing village say.

“We wanted to be like Jamie Lynn!” a knocked-up teen exclaimed to The National Enquirer.

Sixteen year old Alicia Mazzeo tells the celebrity weekly: “Jamie Lynn has a baby, and all the magazines make it sound so easy and so much fun…Hollywood glamorizes having babies, and a lot of young girls get seduced by it.”

Alicia gave birth to a daughter, named Isabella, last November 13th. Alivia Fidler is also a student at Gloucester High. The seventeen year old mother of three month old Xavier says her pregnancy was inspired by Jamie Lynn Spears and Nicole RIchie, a somewhat-reformed wild child who welcomed daughter Harlow with BF Joel Madden in January.

“Many of my classmates who got pregnant really look up to rich Hollywood moms like Jamie Lynn and Nicole Richie. They make motherhood look so easy. During the day they carry their babies as if they were designer handbags, and at night they’re out in clubs partying it up.”


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Britney Spears caused a ruckus at LAX yesterday when she returned from Kentwood, LA. She’d been visiting her newborn niece Maddie Briann, and apparently had enough of staring at some baby.
When she made her way through the airport, the paps went all sorts of crazy like in the old days (six months ago).The word was that Britney was going to spend a month in Kentwood, visiting with her sister Jamie Lynn and the rest of the fam.
Police were on the scene yesterday, but no arrests were made. Brit’s dad Jamie did shove a few photogs and one pap got his camera in his face, but no assault reports were filed or anything.
There were about 30 photographers swarming Brit in total.”She was really happy to see the photographers again,” an eyewitness said. “She smiled and posed for them when she got off the plane.”
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June 21, 2008

Are Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears secretly married? Jamie, seventeen, and her nineteen year old fiance Casey welcomed a healthy baby girl, named Maddie Briann, in a Macomb, Mississippi hospital on Thursday.

The National Enquirer claims the young parents are also newlyweds, after entering into a “spiritual union” during a commitment ceremony at their new home in Liberty, Mississippi last week.

The “wedding” was not legally binding.

“Jamie Lynn and Casey got married in a quiet ceremony in their new house..Neither of her parents, nor her sister Britney nor her brother Bryan was invited…Jamie didn’t want to have her baby as an “unmarried woman-” and she couldn’t wait for her mother’s blessing any longer.”

Oh really? Like we care.

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Both PEOPLE and Us Weekly have confirmed that Jamie Lynn Spears has given birth to a baby girl named Maddie Briann at the Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb, Mississippi. She delivered by way of planned c-section.

“Just the family was there,” says a source about the birth around 9:30 a.m. at a hospital in Mississippi, near her Louisiana hometown. “Everyone is healthy and happy.”

Did Britney cry? Did Britney cry? Did Britney cry?
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The National Enquirer is reporting that 17-year-old Jamie Lynn is going to pop out a baby sometime tomorrow. Sources tell them that she had an ultrasound last week that showed her baby may be in the breech position, so the docs decided to schedule her c-section for tomorrow.

Brit Brit, Daddy Spears and the rest of the clan is currently in Kentwood.

Casey and Jamie Lynn are reportedly having a girl. They are planning to name her a combination of both their names, Cailynn or Cassie.

Britney Spears is there??? How fun!!!

Will she feed her baby niece a frap the first thing when that baby comes out???

And why a c-section? Come on, if she is old enough to get pregnant, then she is old enough to go trhough normal labour.


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Although Jamie Lynn Spears still has a few weeks to go in her pregnancy, the 17 year old is ready to get it over with. Sources claimed is getting progressively more uncomfortable, and the miserable Missouri heat (where she and fiance Casey Aldridge own a home) isn’t helping matters.
“She’s feeling so large and just feeling all the discomfort that comes with it,” a source close to Jamie Lynn tells E! News.
The pregnant teen has also been hit with some mild cramps for the past two days, our insider says.
“Sounds like some false labor pains,” says the friend. “But nothing serious enough to go to the hospital over. They called her doctor, but everything’s fine.”
“Jamie Lynn knows first babies have a habit of being late,” says the pal. “And she isn’t too happy about it. I think she’s ready for all this pregnancy stuff to be over and the mommy stuff to start.”
Jamie Lynn’s mother, Lynne, flew to Missouri to help put the finishing touches on the nursery, and cracky sister Britney calls with advice.
“Britney apparently called her recently and ordered her to stay inside, under the air conditioning, as much as possible,” the source says. “It was really cute.”
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In Touch Weekly reports:

An insider says that currently Emma Jean is at the top of their list-a name that pays tribute to her paternal grandmother.
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May 12, 2008

Come on, would Britney wear those shoes?

It is her impregnated 16 year od tramp, irresponsible, non condom wearing, slut, disgrace of the family, tween, illegal white trash Jamie Lynn Spears.

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May 7, 2008

The netire Sluttey Spears clan came out to celebrate the youngest brightest, by bright we meant getting pregnant at 16, and showing the world justhow happy they are.

The dress that Britney Spears is wearing has to be burned.

OK! Magazine has these pictures in their newest issue from JL’s special day. She talked to OK! about seeing Britney for the first time in a while, “It was wonderful to be able to spend time with her and just be girls again. We painted our nails and did stupid stuff.”

Did stupid stuffs?! Like the stuffs that make your tummy grow bigger and bigger?

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