Britney Spears caused a ruckus at LAX yesterday when she returned from Kentwood, LA. She’d been visiting her newborn niece Maddie Briann, and apparently had enough of staring at some baby.
When she made her way through the airport, the paps went all sorts of crazy like in the old days (six months ago).The word was that Britney was going to spend a month in Kentwood, visiting with her sister Jamie Lynn and the rest of the fam.
Police were on the scene yesterday, but no arrests were made. Brit’s dad Jamie did shove a few photogs and one pap got his camera in his face, but no assault reports were filed or anything.
There were about 30 photographers swarming Brit in total.”She was really happy to see the photographers again,” an eyewitness said. “She smiled and posed for them when she got off the plane.”
(Image: A Socialite’s Life)
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The National Enquirer is reporting that 17-year-old Jamie Lynn is going to pop out a baby sometime tomorrow. Sources tell them that she had an ultrasound last week that showed her baby may be in the breech position, so the docs decided to schedule her c-section for tomorrow.

Brit Brit, Daddy Spears and the rest of the clan is currently in Kentwood.

Casey and Jamie Lynn are reportedly having a girl. They are planning to name her a combination of both their names, Cailynn or Cassie.

Britney Spears is there??? How fun!!!

Will she feed her baby niece a frap the first thing when that baby comes out???

And why a c-section? Come on, if she is old enough to get pregnant, then she is old enough to go trhough normal labour.


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At Your Service

March 16, 2008

Kevin Federline and Jamie Spears will reportedly join forces to manage a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. Britney will apparently fund the joint.

A source said, “K-Fed wants to take over a Mexican place in LA with him and Jamie as managers. The restaurant, called Casa Cordobes, has been a favorite of Kevin’s for a while. He ate there with Britney. Now the owner wants to retire he really wants to run it. Kevin and Jamie get along well nowadays and Jamie is keen to get back into the restaurant game.”

And they will serve you nothing but crap. The real ones that come out from their dirty little asses.

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