Perez Hilton had been contacted by entertainment reporters – within days of each other – from the NY Post and the NY Daily News.

They both wanted to share a juicy piece of info – too juicy to print, they said.

Seems like on-set sources, which the pubs tell us are reliable, have told each paper that Chace Crawford and Gossip Girl co-star and real-life roommate Ed Westwick are in a relationship and not trying to hide it, at least on set.

BOTH NY papers teold Perez that Chace and Ed were recently seen kissing, open-mouthed on set (in Chace’s trailer).

The Post and Daily News both declined to publish this item because they don’t like to “out” people.

And you know how Perez is often accuratein outing closeted queens.

Oh Chace. Come on now darling, there is no more time to waste. We will accept you with open arms.

Does that mean that Jc Chasez has to declare himself too?? And don’t you dare forget about Wentworth Miller. Stop breaking our of prisons now. Break out of the close that is what you should do.

(Image: Google)

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April 10, 2008

High on the hookup of Chace Crawford and Michelle Tracenberg, we cae across this video of JC Chasez pesking away those pesky rumours.

Body language tells us that he loves that boy.

And now that he is going to do some hanky panky with that boring girl, ehem, someone is going to be sooooooooooo pissed.

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March 29, 2008

Says the former NSync-er:

“The fact of the matter is I’m a straight guy and I’m allowed to have [guy] friends. I don’t care about [people's] assumptions or anything, but when people outright lie, that’s wrong. So I think that part of the rumor is outright stupid.”

I mean, ok this is an old picture. But really, don’t your gay radar says something already.

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We’re Not Dating

March 27, 2008

Former boybander JC Chasez has gone on the record to officially proclaim and he’s not gay and he’s not dating Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford.

“For the record, we’re both straight,” JC told Kiss FM 104.7. “We’re not dating.”

Whitney Houston said she never took crack, so did Amy Winehouse, Nicole Kidman claims she didn’t take any botox, Ryan Philippe says he’s happy seeing his ex wife with another man, bitch below claims she only has one nose job, Jennifer Aniston claims she’s happy with Brad and Angelina. We didn’t believe any of them. You think we want to believe you? BODY LANGUAGE PEOPLE!!!

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"Best Friends"

March 26, 2008

Inseparable twosome JC Chasez and Chace Crawford were apparently causing a scene poolside at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel over the weekend, according to this handy diagram provided by Defamer.


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March 22, 2008

The Globe has the nastiest things to say but the juiciest ones at that. JC Chasez, Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford. Woohoo.

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JC Chasez and Chace Crawford (who is our hot male of the week) apparently are close friends. Last December, they were seen together being best buddies partyng at Miami and ushering the new year. Just alot hours ago, the best buddies were seen together again, post elton john’s oscars party.Its so good to find solace from your best buddies. No No, they’re not gay. Chace is definetly dating Carrie Underwood and JC, well he is still a boyband. So they’re merely best freinds, with alot of PUN INTENDED.

Argh! GET OUT..
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