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Jennifer Lopez presents the new swimsuit and lingerie line for her new intimate partner, Italian clothing brand Yamamay in Barcelona, Spain on Monday morning.

The high-end line is called JLO for Yamamay, which will be sold in stores Fall 2008.

This is all part of the three-year licensing deal Jennifer made through her Sweetface Fashion Company with Inticom Spa, an Italian lingerie and swimwear manufacturer.

Looking really yummy and stunning. Jennifer Lopez never settle for less.

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Lisa Wilson, a flight attendant on board a private flight to Burbank, alleges that Jennifer Lopez’s “vicious” German Shepherd attacked her leg causing her to fall down, hurting her back in the process.

She is now suing J.Lo because her back was so bad she had to undergo surgery and now can no longer work. Lisa insists the singer is liable for all injuries because she “should have known the dog had vicious propensities” and muzzled it.

Wilson says Lopez boarded a Gulfstream IV jet at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, L.I., with Floyd, a German shepherd described in the manifest as “a well-behaved guard dog.”

Just in case, Wilson, of Mary Esther, Fla., says in the court papers, Lopez gave her some instructions on how to act around Floyd.

But the suit alleges that 90 minutes into the flight, Wilson walked past Floyd, and he responded by “attacking her and biting her pant leg.”

In an attempt to get away, Wilson says she “twisted and fell,” injuring her lower back so badly she had to undergo surgery last year and no longer can work – “at great economic loss.”

She will get nothing but dirt from JLo. How dare she tries to sue JLo’s ass.

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You know, once you have given birth, god is always fair.

For the pain that you went through getting a baby out of your vag, he blesses you with a nice pair of boobs.

And JLo is looking amazing with her new boobs. Power to her.

Here is Jennifer Lopez in a Marc Anthony’s concert in Spain.

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Here is Jennifer Lopez showing off her bikiny bod first after her birth 4 months ago while vacationing in Tenerife, Spain with hubby Marc Anthony.

Ok, confess, she looks amazing for a woman who has popped twins less than 4 months ago. Nobody can afford to look like that.

And it is good to kow that he epic butt is still intact. JLO makes money out of that hideously huge and sexy booty.

We will spare you the pictures of Marc Anthony topless.

Having said that, it won’t be long before Jennifer Lopez gets that banging body and comes out with a new album. Soon people, just ount your days.

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JLo was shopping at the Catherine Malandrino store on Manhasset’s Miracle Mile when she demanded that they shut down the entire store for her. The store denied that request, but that didn’t stop JLo from making more demands.

A source told Page Six, “Then one of her eight-person entourage, including two bodyguards with their guns showing, was yelling at the clerk that Jennifer gets a 50 percent discount. Jennifer also tried on about a million outfits, then just threw it all in a pile in the dressing room and didn’t buy one thing.”

Oh that is so expected from Jennifer Lopez. She has every damn right to be cunty and bitchy. SHe would never settle for less.

Why are they making a big fuss anyways?

Hello, it is JLO you are talking about. Expect a nasty snide remark if you are serving her.

She is from the bronx, she will cut you and show you the ghetto way on how it is being done. So stop COMPLAINING.

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A source told Closer Magazine (via Showbiz Spy) that JLo thinks nothing she does is good enough for her twinsies.
The source said, “Jennifer wants to be the perfect mother, but she crumbles if any normal little thing goes wrong. If the twins cry, she thinks it’s because she’s a bad mom, and bursts into tears herself. Marc had to sit her down and make her understand that she’s a good mom and it’s normal for babies to cry.”

The “source” goes on to say, “Marc is concerned that she’s not eating properly or sleeping because she’s obsessed with looking after the twins. If she leaves them with her own mother for a couple of hours to have some time off, she beats herself up about it and feels guilty. Marc has forced Jen to take some time off and have a massage to unwind, but she even struggled to relax during that. He wants her to stop worrying abut the kind of mother she’s being and just enjoy it.”
Get a nanny then. An ugly one at that. And hates skeletons and zombies. So they would not want to sleep with Marc Anthony at the same time. That would be a typical Hollywood scandal all over again. Not that any girl would want to sleep with Marc.
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Jennifer Lopez made graduation day very special for a lucky group of Staten Island, New York, elementary school students Tuesday.

The star dropped into P.S. 37, a school for autistic children, on Tuesday, where she performed “Let’s Get Loud” for a group of eight 10- and 11-year-olds, the Associated Press reports.

Teacher Kathy Amati told the AP that after her students saw a video of the song, they wanted to watch it every day, learn the lyrics, and practice Lopez’s dance moves.

Inspired, they wrote letters to Lopez, who was so charmed that she decided to come to their graduation.

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We’re getting more information on that new clothing line from Jennifer Lopez that everyone’s been buzzing about. J. Lo, who has already successfully spearheaded the J.Lo, Sweetface and JustSweet fashion brands, is preparing to launch a new “moderately-priced” exercise clothing line.
“She has some street gear already in her lines, but she wants something exclusively for sneakers, yoga pants and dance gear,” a source close to J.Lo tells OK! Magazine.
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June 2, 2008

Amidst all the buzz around Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s baby situation, Anthony made a guest call into “Billy Bush’s Radio Show” to quench the thirst for details from the nanny-less celebrity couple.

On the baby duties:

“I get the late shift. I get literally from 10 PM because we don’t have a nanny. It’s just me and Jennifer figuring it out. From 10 PM to 8 [AM], that’s my shift. It’s just us man. We’re figuring it out and having a great time.”

On Jenny:

“She has three movies lined up and she’s eager to go back to work, but the babies have been a blessing all the way around and she’s just amazing. She’s such an amazing mom and I’m so proud of her. She’s such a gem to watch.”


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